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If you want to know if is real or fake we have the answer for you. We joined the website and it didn't take long to learn this website is a scam. Not only do they fabricate all the women profile pages in the website but any messages you get from those women are also phony. And it's not cheap to interact with these fake women. You see most men who join the website think it's real so when they get message after message from all these attractive women they are more than happy to pay for the prospect of meeting up with them. Unknown to them is Seeking Crush is one big trap to steal money from you.

Proof Of Fraud On The Homepage is a scam it's not a legitimate website to find any real women. On the homepage of their site it says "The purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contain fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles." You can meet up with the fake profiles. So in reality there's no point joining this website because of course the whole website is littered with fake profiles. On top of that you can't even meet or hook up with the fake profiles on the website obviously. From our observation all of the female profiles are bogus, not one profile we checked out was legit.

Also found on the front page on a pop-up notification it states the following: "I acknowledge that the Website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the Website that may communicate with me for promotional and other purposes."   Once again they are telling you point-blank that this website includes dating profiles that are nothing more than a fantasy signifying that are not legitimate females. And they also confess that these fake dating profiles are operated by On top of that they also admit that these fake personal will "communicate with you". This means they will send you fake instant messages that appear to be coming from real local women when in fact they are fantasy profiles.

Footer Of Every Page Of The Site

Another sentence we saw on the homepage also proved that the site was creating bogus female profile pages. From the home page: "I acknowledge that the Website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the Website that may communicate with me for promotional and other purposes."

That above sentence once again proves this website is a full-blown scam. The intent of the website was never to bring people together. The intent of this website is strictly to line the pockets of the shysters who operate it. There are no legitimate women on this website, they are "fantasy profiles" meaning that they are not real profiles that you can actually have a date with.

In another part of the terms and conditions page(see evidence below)  they again admit that the profiles on their hookup site are fake. Then they confess that these fake profiles have been created for only one reason and that is for you to get messages from these fake female profiles. They even state that having real-life meet ups and no strings encounters with these fake profiles is not possible whatsoever.

Found in the terms page: "You acknowledge that the profiles on the Website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible."

It's A Digital Fantasy Chat Service NOT A Dating Site

On their terms and conditions page they state that the service is a "digital fantasy chat service" for adults. Notice how they don't call it a dating service because they know it's not a dating service its website used for you to chat with automated bots not real women.Here is the excerpt taken from the terms page: "The Service is a digital Fantasy chat service for adults. The profiles are solely provided for the entertainment of Users. The interaction between the User and other profiles may simulate real life discussion and roll playing in order to fulfil the applicable fantasy. However, the Service is not a dating platform, and it is not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person."

They confess that Seeking Crush is not a dating site and you cannot meet up with the fictional fake profiles that they themselves are responsible for fabricating. And they also stated that the website is for "entertainment" which is a slap in the face of anyone who joined the website looking for real women to have fun with.

Computer Generated Messages

And guess what all the flirty messages on the website are computer-generated. This means there are no real local women sending you erotic messages. Anything you read in the messages is completely fake and sent to you by some kind of computer software program, not a real person. On top of that they actually have people that are contracted out to correspond and reply and send you messages. "Messages from our digital Fantasy chat service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence from then on."

And Even More Proof The Site  Uses Fake Profiles

In section 7.7 of the terms page they admit that theirre fake profiles contact real users by using software programs that are called bots. These bot programs send real members of their website computer-generated messages. The reason they send these phony messages is to get you and other real users to use the website more extensively which means to con you into spending money to interact with non-existent women. Then they confessed that the messages are sent to multiple members on their website at the exact same time. You might think you're interacting with real local women when in fact you're being contacted by an artificial intelligent bot that sends you chat messages that look real but actually are completely bogus.

"On one or more occasions, digital fantasy profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the Service. These messages may be transmitted to multiple Users at the same time."

The people who operate Seeking Crush operate hundreds and possibly a few thousand other fake hookup sites exactly like this. They have destroyed online dating by taking over the industry and building so many fictitious dating platforms that it's going to ruin this experience for so many people who are looking for love or hookups.

Connection To Other Sites

Skyloop Digital Ltd operates They operate many other bogus hookup dating sites as well including the following:,,, and

Contact Customer Support:

  1. You can contact SeekingCrush support using their email address is [email protected].

Final Statement

Don't bother wasting any time on The website is a full-blown fraud. Every single site it redirects to is a scam and should not be trusted whatsoever.


  1. Thank you for the warning, so for I HAVE NOT committed any funds to this site, and will not.  Use it for entertainment only!  No harm in that!!

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