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Where Can You Meet Real Women?

With all the scams and shady stuff on CraigsList, where are all the real women at?? The best thing to do is use a real dating site that is free for basic access to meet local girls. Stop wasting time on, there are no real women there! I have personally found good dating sites (listed below) that are real, with no scams, just girls looking to meet guys for fun. The sex sites that I have foundΒ don’t use scammy verification systems to steal money from you. They are honest and they have been around for many years, so you can trust them. If you want to meet real girls, then check out the legitimate hook up sites I have recommended here.

The Best Adult Dating Sites


F*ckBookHookUps – This is a popular adult dating social network for people looking to hook up for wild fun . All the women on the site are 100% real.

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AdultFriendFinder – The largest social adult dating network online. They are a real adult dating site, and they have literally millions of members (women and men). There is no BS here, no verifications, no one trying to con. It’s just real people looking to hook up.

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Real dating site


HornyWife – If you’re a married guy you should check out Horny Wife. This dating site is for married women and married men looking to meet for discreet encounters.

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  1. On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 5:33 AM, wrote yep im a dummy… they got me too….cool sounds good, find some pictures of me on:


    send me your screenname on there and i’ll put you as a friend so you are able to view them.

    1. Hi James,

      Oh well, now you know for next time. HOOKUPNOSTRINGS is just spam. Be safe on CraigsList.

    2. Man I am glad I researched the site first because they almost got me. I even found the EXACT same pic she sent me on there!!!

  2. I entered my info but got denied chargers anything I need to do or will it delete automatically since my account was denied?

  3. Hi, I’m ace this is my first time on here, cuz this one special n pretty lady email me n told me I will find here on here, n she really want to me n kick it n so do I n her name is Nicole Lewis n I’m trying my best to get ahold of her so I can get her number so we can go out! So Nicole Lewis her is my no: (310) 921-0888 this acerider4 call me ok n I no the picture u sent me lets hook up!!!!.

  4. Glad I researched as well on my last picture she sent of herself she wrote my email address on a piece of paper in the picture to validate how real and serious she is!!!

      1. How do these scammers make these websites? I am sick of getting scammed if it wasn’t for your website I would have gotten scammed so many times. I wish I just knew how they make these websites so I can know which are the fakes ! Thanks a lot !

        1. It is easy to set up a website, especially if they have the template. All of these websites are the same. It is literally change the names in a few places and purchase a new domain. You can purchase hosting space for a year for less than $100. Then you can get new domains for around $10 for a year. So if they make 10 sites at a cost of around $200 and scam 1 person for around $40 a pop, they make profit real easy.

  5. Is there a free site that won’t ask for a credit card # Can’t use credit cards wife watches it like a hawk.

  6. yea so i was really close to filling this out… woulda screwed me over if i did! thanks for the website! its doing a lot of good!

    Lastly, you posted 3 hookup websites that i learned ARENT free… are there ANY FREE ONES? or am i condemned to the back alley of the internet… craigslist?

  7. same thing as last post. she sent a pic with my email on it but i examined it closely and noticed that the two k’s in my email were identical. in other words it was a font.

    1. if you look at most of the pictures you will see the pictures have been broushed or cloned.What do you think

  8. Ha, ‘Amber’ sent me the EXACT same emails. Word for word, pic for pic. She changed the day mentioned, but that was it.

  9. I love getting email from scammers, makes my day, I save em just to laugh. Sad fact is that the only reason there are so many is apparently because there are people who fall for it.

    1. Ha..yeah..I was bored and looked around..I got the same thing..chick had a photo with my screen name on it…htf do they do that??

  10. From: Josephine Fisher
    Sent: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 2:25 AM
    Subject: Re:
    to be honest with you Im feeling both excited and a bit worried at the same time.Ive had a bad experience meeting someone online about a year agomet the wrong guy basically.

    Im willing to give this a shot with youIm in the mood for a sexy time just have to use my brain this time. Know what I mean?

    I use a free service now on verified dating which is kind of like yahoo chat it verifies age and scans the sex offenders database before allowing someone to join. I think it costs a dollar to run the verification and this gives you access to my profile and their whole dating site. My cell number is on the profile so if you come up as safe you can give me a call when your inside.

    I know it sounds kind of paranoid but if you do this verification for me that verified dating provides Ill know you are real and safe to meetup withI only work part-time so im around alot. I have nothing to gain by asking you this except it will make me feel safe, if you were a wom an who has been through what I have youd know the feeling. If you have a webcam we can video chat too as they have that inside, but really I just wanna make sure you pass the checks. If you want I will get topless on my cam for you during our chat as a welcome gift. Would that make you feel welcome? lol. Ive been told I have very nice breasts alot of times.if that means anything.

    Their verification page is

    If you think Im just being paranoid or you come up as an offender then I am going to be left all disappointed. Oh and that site also proves my age as they verify everyone including women. I doubt you were worried about that its just a little friendly assurance that Im not jail bait as they say lol. Im in my twenties. Also Im getting real thirsty Im gonna make a blueberry smoothie will be away from the comp, but please give my cell a ring once youve been verified and yo ur on my profile.

    I attached a small gift for you that I just took today.

    Sent from my iPad

  11. I posted one small add on CL next day, I spent almost all day going thru over 400 replies, guess what? they were ALL spam, not one real person, Now this pumpkin princess shows up, with the same shit as the add posted on here for her, lol I have had about 5 different emails from her and all have different addresses.
    Pumpkin Princess []
    Pumpkin Princess []
    Pumpkin Princess []
    Pumpkin Princess []
    Pumpkin Princess []
    all of these were following one conversation of trying to get me to sign up on
    Thank you for this site.
    I have seen a few others on here too

  12. Yo they good almost got me too sen me a pic with me name on it blow my mind but still I,m glade i did my looking around first ty sooooooooo much. dam they good. Yo how can i send u that pic with my name on it

    1. me too man i was thinking its a sure thing now i wonder how did they do it. I must have been photoshop

  13. I got one to from “Chelsea” same pic with the yellow piece of paper w your name on it. How can we get this people and send them to jail? any ideas?

  14. I fell for two of the above and got the exact same request to join a dating site to get her contact info. But what I don’t understand is what do these gals get out of doing this?
    Do these dating sites pay the gals a commission if I am dumb enought to become a paid memberr of the dating site? Or what do the gals get? Why do the gals do it? What happends if I am scammed?

    1. all of them get paid by justhookup, be naughty, citysex, they are what they call assoiciates, if they are clothed it is usally a pic of someone that really works for the company.
      i got caught on one of the stupid free verify sites once, mfos charged my card 155 bucks for 4 porn sites, but did not provide a limk to un subscribe, it took 3 weeks to find them and grt my mney back. now when i get one of those i copy and paste ant junk i can find and fill out their site with made up info just to harrass them

  15. damn they got me on cragislist good thing i didn’t have a credit card but the thing that hooked me was
    sent me a pic of her on the bed doggystyle position with a note on the bed beside her that had my name on it

    1. It goes by the name registered to the email. Might be worth it to them to take the pic. Or maybe photoshopped easily due to the black and white paper. Happened to me too but any response I get that doesn’t acknowledge what I said in my email gets deleted by me.

  16. I have been on craigslist many times answering these scams.i get a kick out of what they keep repeating time after time.Its definatly nothing but scams on craigslist anymore.Seems like craigslist would do something about it.Time after time these scammers try to get me to join some site and pay a dollar or more to verify my age or something.It doesnt

    1. Why would that amuse you? These woman are heartless. Obviously your not interested in finding that riight woman. Im still searching.

  17. I became aware of this just recently when i got fed up with the online dateing scene and decided to post an add on craigslist, which i new was going to lead to spam e-mails . once you know about this youll most likely recieve an over abundance of them. and even though you you get a bunbardment of junk mail and scams

    i did actually talk to 2 real girls they one lived roughly an hour away from me and the other was on the other side of town but they sent me their phone numbers and i actually spoke on the phone to these girls . if you know what to look for you can still find girls but its extreemly rare . I also have actually met a few gals from craigslist and had encounters with them . just be causious if your going to do so extreemly cautios!

    also I ve noticed strange spam like messages comming in through face book so be on the look out for it there too.

    1. Were the girls worth sifting out through the scams? did u actually get any good relationships from it? If so how can i be that lucky i fall for these scams on a daily bases. Any advise?

  18. currently talking to megan. She’s sent me two different pics, one of which she looks completely different. Now back to cruising chicks the old fashioned way πŸ™‚

  19. here is some really good advice that I am sure most of you do not think about. If you have any experience with a credit card and you took the time to think about it you would realize that: A Credit Card is just that and cannot be used as an ID according to FEDERAL LAW. Think about it no one asks you for a credit card to prove who you are or your age. Only a government issue ID is acceptable, ie. Driver License, Passport, ect. A cop doesen’t ask for your credit card when they pull you over… License, registration and credit card info please. LOL… Remember FEDERAL LAW prohibits the use of a credit card as an ID. Ask a bank.

    1. Indeed that is my usual response to “associates” who work for these sites (ie a cop never asks for a credit card when pulling you over. Also ANYONE can obtain a prepaid card that functions like a regular debit card REGARDLESS of age or background). I then inform them that I will require their credit card information for “my safety” as well. The scornful replies received make for great entertainment!

  20. Thank you so much for this website! I almost got scammed until I did a google reverse image and read up on the reports. Now I can relax.

  21. Ha I got a chick in a gstring with my name but if you examine closely the c for chancellor barely hangs on the edge of the paper it has to be a photoshop with a faunt πŸ™

      1. Hi Jimmy,

        Umm its not real, don’t give yourself a pat on the back buddy…. is the site they use to make it LOOK LIKE it’s just for you.

    1. How did you fall for that? Was the site that legit@ that guy. I get tons of spam sites but im smarter than that.

  22. I seem to be swimming against the tide here. I am a 69 year old overweight guy who has got fed up with all the rip off sites.
    I now stick to:- Craigslist, Vivastreet and gumtree.
    In the last 18 months I have had
    1 girl aged 18, a good looker and great sex.
    1 girl aged 24, a a fair looker and great sex.
    1 girl aged mid thirties, part of a couple, brilliant sex monthly.
    1 lady aged mid fifties, weird but brilliant sex.
    Could go on, 12 in total and no fees. The strange thing is they all prefer older men.

  23. They got me,waiting for the badnews ..The same girl amyoh Am I going to have to cancel my credit card,because you can’t even log on to the sit let alone cancel yourBS subscription.Wish I would have seen this first.

  24. Haa yea been scammed and not to much luck been on about 10 sites
    But Craig’s list I did actualy pick up (after going threw all the spam) arranged to meet at a bar and sat wondering of I fad going to sit there all night but no she told me what she was wearing saw her rock up(or a chick dressed the same haaa) and wow way an awesom night
    But yea that’s 1 out of about 300 πŸ™‚

    Saved me from getting burned!!Keep up the great work, the good karma will certainly bring back good things!

  26. Has anyone heard of ? I had someone named Christine try to direct me there to verify who I am. I checked the scam list on this site and couldn’t find this one.

  27. Thank you, I clicked on your link and noticed I received the exact same thing from Christine Carter, to the T. Just wanted to say thanks for your insight and help in exposing these scams.

  28. Thanks for this website!! I almost got fooled but decided to do some research

    what site works the best???

  29. Not all of us are looking for sex out side of marriage or to find a divorced woman. To do so is SIN and adultery! So in looking a True Christian has to find a single girl, un-married mom or widdow because when with a divorced woman even a seperated woman she is still married in God’s eyes till death do her part. The same for a man who took that viw can not ever think if sex or be with another till his spouce dies first. I use,, with no problems.

  30. Hi Folks,

    Suppose it’s a little sad, but I love these type CL posts, because they entertain me so much. What I usually do is play the game until they send me their link, then I get their affiliate ID and report them to the dating site they are trying to run sign-ups for because most of these dating sites don’t like scammers getting signups….too many legal problems.

    Sometimes if they are silly enough to send the email directly from their own PC and I can pickup their IP in the mail header, I run metasploit against their PC and look for weaknesses. I’ve taken out two PCs so far (hope these guys know how to do data recovery πŸ™‚ ).

    If you are new to figuring out if these posts are scams, here are a few tips to keep yourself protected, and hopefully scam the scammer:

    1) Setup a seperate email address for replying to CL ads, most scammers will do their best to try and figure out who you really are if you piss them off, and even threaten to let friends and family know about what you are doing (if you are doing something that is morally wrong)

    2) when you get an email back from an ad reply, check a few things. Does the name on the email match the email address? Does the description on the email match what they said in the CL ad? And of course, the dead giveaway, do they ask you to sign-up for some dating site before they will meet you.

    3) If they attach pics, run them through tineye is a reverse image search, and typically these scammers use images that are readily available all over the internet. If you get hits back from tineye, its a positive indicator that the person is a scammer. Note, this does not work on pics that have been edited, i.e. they photoshop your name onto a piece of paper in the scene, or they trim the image border etc…but as mentioned above, if your name has 2 of the same letter in it, it’s easy to spot that they have used photoshop to edit in the same because the fonts look so uniform.

    There are a few more things you can do to figure out if it’s a scam, or gather info on the scammer so you can have some fun toying with them, but they are a bit more advanced, and outside the scope of what I am trying to help with. Let me know if you want to know more, and I can give some pointers on the advanced stuff.

    Ok, so now you have established that you have a scammer, what’s next?

    Option 1: Ignore them, and move onto the next thing that will help you find someone to meet up with

    Option 2: Call them out for being a scammer

    Option 3: Give them some more rope, and when they send their link, click it and see where it redirects you to. When this happens, you should hopefully be sent to a site that looks like this in the address bar:

    Or something similar. Look for the part in the address that has “affid=” (could be id= or ofid= of something similar). The part after, ususally numbers but sometimes letters, is the scammers affiliate ID.

    On the site you have been directed to, look for a link that says “abuse” or “scams” (usually at the very bottom of the page in small writing).

    From there, you should be able to report the scammer. Make sure to include their affiliate ID, the link they sent you, the contents of the email they sent you. Send them a link to the CL post you responded to as well.

    This should give them enough ammo to retroactively close the scammers account, and usually get all of their comissions back, meaning the scammer gets payed nothing!

    Are you wondering why scammers do this? Because they get paid, that’s why!

    They get anywhere between 50c and $5 for each sign-up, if they run 100 ads a day, get 500 responses, manage to convert 5% of their responses into signups, they make anywhere between $12.5 and $125 per day. They use templated emails so it only takes them a few hours a day to run this.

    Now here’s the kicker…How is $12.5 a day worth it? Well, in western countries, it isn’t…but if you live in somewhere where the cost of living is very low, ie India, you can live on $12.5 a day, and live like a king for $125 a day. Not to mention that this is just one of the many scams that these guys run simultaneously. Pro scammers might bank $5000 per week

    I hope I have helped to shed some light on why this is done, and what you can do about it.

    Good luck out there folks.

  31. Short n sweet I dig it! Haha! Im curious what are you doin a little later? I’m sorta wanting to schedule a meet tonight or sometime over the weekend bc I am working weekdays.
    I wouldn’t mind a little 69 and sex if you are DD free? I am 420 friendly tho and can host if you’d like. I am on this CL verification deal to make sure that I am not meeting criminals through CL here it is my profile
    I’m hoping you would not mind doing the verifier you’ll see a few pics I have on there and also my cell # is safeguarded against the public. Please don’t share that site I don’t want the whole world having it haha.
    Ill leave it in your court to contact me if you like what you see. I am going jump in the tub for awhile, send me a text or a VM if I can’t answer and I will call you back when I get out.
    xo……i got that from a Mildred Rose lol man i hate this three scams in an hour