Report A Scam

If you have received spam emails from scammers that have contacted you please help me expose these scumbags. You can include their name, email address, the content of the email they sent you and also include all photos they emailed you. Basically send me anything that they have sent you and I will create a scam report on them. Thanks in advance for helping me stop these scammers.

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  1. I have been searching for a job and so I applied on craigslist to an ad for a Vet receptionist, i had applied to other ads for vet receptionists that were not scams, I then got a reply that I seemed like an excellent candidate for the position they just wanted to know a little about my personality and how well i worked with others which I thought a little odd but to me made sense as it is a front desk position and that kind of stuff is important as you are the first impression of the business. Well they then replied back that i needed to do a credit score check as i would be using a company car and bank card which is when I realized it was a scam as I dont know too many vet offices that give out company bank cards or have receptionists running “errands” in company cars…also when i clicked the link it went to and when I hovered over the link it stated it was to which is how I ended up here as i searched for the above site on Google.