Below I have compiled a bunch of links to help you out

  1. Report Spam To CraigsList: If you want to report spam and scams directly to you can go to this page.
  2. CraigsList Scam Tips . Tips from to help you stay safe on their web site.
  3. Report Spam To Yahoo: If you are receiving spam from someone with a Yahoo email report them.
  4. Report Spam To GMail:If you are receiving spam from someone with a GMail email report them.
  5. Report Spam To HotMail: If you are receiving spam from someone with a HotMail email report them.
  6. Report spam to AOL: If you are receiving spam from someone with a AOL email report them.
  7. Find Out Who Owns A Website: If you are receiving spam from fraudulent websites you can find out who owns the website and then take action against them.
  8. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) – You can submit your online fraud through this site, they work with the FBI etc…


    1. I just noticed that Adultfriendfinder, Horny
      wife, and Fuckbook are all using the same interface, so I assume the same company. I know my same username and password works in all three, so that is at least a convenience.. Another one I hate is Plenty of Fish. I think they are bogus as Hell also. They will NEVER post anyone’s profile who is anywhere near you. They really suck.

      1. Pof is real. trust me, it works. I’ve never run into a scam, and meet girls from there all the time. Good site. “hookup” site or no, sucess rate is high, like 30% on the first date. Just don’t advertise your looking for casual. Say you want to date, or a relationship. Most of the time all you get is a few lays per girl even with ‘seriously looking’ women and they’re likely to head for the door before you get the chance. American women just have too many options cuz of online dating now, so they’re paralyzed with indicision. They’re players and don’t even know it!

        1. That is true . I have used POF for over half a decade and have never been charged a dime . I can message all basic members and can read my incoming mail . And plenty within my zipcode area .

  1. This time her name Emily, she sent me 8 pics & talked a good game. she wanted to make surewe were compatible & we lived close enough to one another. AAAAWEsome….

  2. Chelsea Owens is at it again……
    I know she was scamming and didn’t fall for her trick.
    This was the last message she sent me.

    ” you really dont have a credit card you can use this one

    this site required only your email to get into my profile.Im dreaming what we are going to do when we meet. My pussy really getting wet . Let’s enjoy tonight.

    if you cant verify yourself on the sites i gave u , i dont really have anymore option to meet you sorry”

  3. I demand immediately to stop sending me any ads concerning relationship with any of your correspondents and stop any bill on my banking account

  4. Ya know these websites pay these people affiliated with them a commission to get new customers. I think its time, we do, aheh sign up for these sites, and uh post a photo of I dunno micky mouse, donald duck, HINT fake profile. and then log out, of course assigning the said sign up email to a fake email account. Let them pay for the bandwith of holding the fake photos, and not making any money.
    Almost wonder if one could sue a website for sexual harassment, or the threat of it. If even a unwanted link of a website shown up in their inbox? Find a lawyer to look it up, could change the face of the internet forever.

  5. I think this is the scammer Nicole, again. Anyone know anything on this?? I can’t find it anywhere. other than her link in an email to me. Well make that 2 emails to me. I am suspecting it, just not falling for it. If it’s free you don’t need a Cred card, do you? Truth in advertising gotta count somewhere, shouldn’t it?

  6. Hi,

    I found this site to be very helpful if you decide to look for women on CL

    It does reverse picture lookup. so you give it a url of picture in CL or download pic you got in your email.

    If the picture is all over the internet.. it’s probably a scam.

  7. I have an alternate email account I was using for my Xbox Live account, used it to reply to Craigs list adds, everything I have gotten back is a scam, have a facebook account attatched to that email, facebook will import contacts from your gmail account, not sure if any of these jackasses are dumb enough to accept freind requests from someone they are trying to scam but worth a try or I could post a list of names locations and pics somewhere that they can be found … email me.with thoughts on this idea …

  8. Hahahahaha I called her out and look what she said.

    “I dont know why you doubt me. As a girl I have some privacy and really risky for me to share address or number before i know you are safe and verified.
    Iam using the site for over 1year and they never charge me, they just verify your age and dont charge.
    If you still have doubt i am not forcing you to signup and verified. Its Not going to charge you a single cent.

    But i believe you will take a chance and at least believe someone seeking fun. Talk soon.
    I will be online so just text me after you verify. Anyway Have a good Time.”