The DatingJudge.com is where I will be exposing the scammers on Craigslist.com and also be doing reviews of dating sites. My goal is that people find this site before they are scammed through CraigsList.com. I have no clue how these scammers are stilling running these dating scams after so many years, it’s crazy. My feeling is that many of the scams are being done by people overseas, China and Eastern Europe.

I will dig and find out where they are and expose them. I find it fun to catch these people and reveal them to the world. Every email address they use, every domain name they register, I will find them all one at a time.

Stay tuned as I dig into the underbelly of the online dating world…

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  1. What can I do I am a victim of Jen Sanchez’s scam… It sucks! I got emails I will forward you.

    1. Hi John,
      Sorry to hear about this. Contact your credit card company to charge back these fraudulent charges. You should not have to pay for these charges. Please email Jen Sanchez’s emails to me though the about page http://thedatingjudge.com/about/

      1. I have been charged with my credit card and I am very upset about this whole thing I wish to hear the funds from my account returned i have an email fro192229112
        m the site and id no is

  2. I got scammed by Denise Whittmore. My account was charged $38.28 by yourexforsex.com. When I registered for the site there was fine text saying that I would pay $1.95 for a trail membership to breastsxxx.com and that it would renew in 24 hours if I didn’t cancel it. I was able to cancel the yourexforsex.com account since I received an email with login information, but I did not receive an email saying I registered for breastxxx.com, should I be worried about being billed from that site as well?

      1. It’s been 24 hours since I was scammed and I haven’t been charged for the membership to breastsxxx.com, and I followed the “Cancel my membership” link from http://www.Billing-Select.com, filled out all my info and it says “No account found based on submitted information” so I think I’m in the clear

        1. This is a scam within a scam to keep you from being able to stop it. You have to email to “[email protected]” that you want to cancel. Worked for me, they will send yu a cancelation verification email thing and from there if they charge your card afterwards you can go to the bank (or call them) and give them all the info u got (who it was, that u think it was a scam, that u canceled and they sent u a cancellation email, blah blah blah) and the bank/credit card company will take care of it from there usually.

  3. Just got another scamer thanks to this site.
    [email protected]

    to me
    Hi again!

    to be honest with you Im feeling both excited and a bit worried
    at the same time…I’ve had a bad experience meeting someone
    online about a year ago…met the wrong guy basically.

    I’m willing to give this a shot with you…I’m in the mood for
    some fun just have to use my brain this time. Know what I mean?

    I use a free service now http://bit.ly/KvFTUV which is kind of
    like facebook for adults it verifies age and scans the sex
    offenders database before allowing someone to join. Since you
    have been invited by me its absolutely free and it will run the
    verification and this gives you access to my profile which has
    my cell number so if you come up as safe you can give me a call
    when your inside.

    Sorry if it feels like I am making you jump through hoops to make
    this happen but that site makes me feel much safer than craigslist
    because its well moderated and any real weirdo’s are quickly “outed”
    there. So many serial killers and stuff prey on girls like me,
    especially on places like craigslist. Sorry to be so morbid but
    its true. I hope you understand.

    Ok I am getting off the computer now but please give me a call or
    text message once you’ve been verified and your on my profile.


  4. Just for anyone wanting an easy way of determining if a site is a scam or not. Most of these sites will list the girls location as whatever city you’re in, if you route your browser through a proxy server, say thought new york city, and your in LA, it will show them as in new york, and you have just uncovered a scammer.

  5. Do not be a victim of these Scams people. Thanks to this site for exposing them all. A lot of the time actually the evidence of the scams is in the text of the emails sent. So read them carefully.

  6. Hey man your doing an awesome thing here, Any info i find that you don’t have I will make sure I will get it to you asap

  7. Hey there I found your profile interesting n seen you look pretty attractive to me so if you’re interested my # is (608)385-5188 n jutdawg26@gmail is my email so now you know if you’d like to give it some use…….

  8. Can’t believe how many people are fooled by these scams…

    Seriously, it is common knowledge that if someone asks you to be “verified” on another website it is a scam. End of story.

    If the response email is from some goofy provider, like [email protected], its a scam.

    Common sense is your friend. If the email you receive seems odd (asks you for pictures when you originally sent pics, asks you for a description of yourself when you originally sent a description of yourself, or just generally makes no specific reference to anything you originally wrote), 99% chance its a scam.

    If the photo is of an unbelievably hot woman, 99.9% chance its a scam (or a prostitute).

    View message source is your friend too. Figure out how to use it.

    Google is your friend. Use it to check out emails that aren’t obvious spam accounts.

    Google image search is your best friend. Figure out how to use it to search photos that people post in their ads/emails.

    All the “safe” websites posted as links have the same problems as craigslist. They are full of fake profiles. Use common sense on CL or the “safe” websites and you may eventually find a real one in the sea of fakeness.

  9. PredatorsWatch.com is a scam operation that takes photos and personal information from Craigslist and other dating sites, posts it to a sexual predator website, then attempts to extort money from its victims for their information’s removal.

    Understand that PredatorsWatch is doing this to make money; it’s nothing against you personally; you only represent a potential dollar amount to them, nothing more.

    Take away their ability to conduct transactions over the Web and you take away their incentive to continue their operation.

    It appears their website files are hosted on a home server which uses DNS software to hide their geographic location. If you paste in their website’s IP address ( in the following tool, it shows their host server’s physical location is in Antarctica.


    No legitimate business would go to such lengths to obfuscate their identity and physical location.

    Since their ‘payment for removal’ doesn’t use a third-party card processor such as PayPal, it’s reasonable to assume they have their own Merchants Account, which enables them to process credit card transactions via their website.

    There are certain rules and guidelines that must be followed to have your own Merchants Account, and to also display the banking organizations’ logos which guarantee payments. In this case, they are:

    American Express

    Requirements for a Merchant Account

    Since the extortion amounts are small ($99.95), they are under the requisite threshold dollar amount for federal intervention on scams, regardless of their potential aggregate dollar value over time.

    All said, the only course of action is to contact the banking institutions (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) which guarantee payments, and report PredatorsWatch as an unethical operation that steals personal information from the Internet for the explicit purpose of extorting money.

    These banks DO NOT allow their logos to be displayed by, or associated with scam operations, or those that hide their identity and geographic location.

  10. For all of you who fell for the “Sammie” scam, I just called my credit card company and was told that I was charged at these sites: $29.95 at mycardctr.com and $39.42 at familygameplace.com.

    Don’t panic! I simply told them exactly what happened, and I will be sent a new credit card in the next few days, and some paperwork so I will not be billed. You can fix this, just be honest and proactive, call your bank.

  11. I made a mistake…

    I accidentally reported myself as a scammer :s
    Wasn’t sure how this website worked…
    Same name and email address…

  12. Okay, are there ANY legit dating/casual fuckbuddy websites out here in the Worldwide Web? Seriously? I mean, if socialsex is fake, what’s legit?

    1. The one that worked didn’t require any unless you wanted platinum membership. I met all three with the free very limited profile I had, too you can do things like start a blog and others to earn points that are redeemable for full membership. I don’t doubt scammers are there, I do know there are real women too.

  13. I believe about 90% of casual encounters w4m are scammers, when I’m bored I respond to those personals, I also keep a valid no balance prepaid visa. If they were free, like they say the card wouldn’t get denied. I’ve had luck at one site, with more than one female, the only one too. It was fbhookups.com. I’m 100% serious too, it took less than 6 hours and the lady was who she said she was, same with everyone I personally dealt with, which is 3.