Find Out Why Is A Fraud, This Review Explains Why

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I joined and what I found was shocking. Not only is the website a scam but they create fake female profiles to make it seem as if the website is full of attractive looking local women. And on top of that they use a form of artificial intelligence AKA AI to send men who join the site fake instant messages. If you want to see how the website scams people watch the video review I did of Top Local Singles.


  1. I totally agree. I limit myself to double digit costs when it comes to websites and web dating/meeting people via Internet. That's for sure and there's not a site that is an exception to that rule.

  2. I paid the $21.99 to have 10 messages. After sending 6 messages, the site told me I had to pay in order to send more messages. I couldn't even use the credits I paid for and now they want more?  Dead give away. It's a scam. They steal profile pics from social media platforms and pretend that they are someone else to lure you in. 

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