Review Proves It Is No Place To Meet Mature Women

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here might look like a real dating site but is it? The website has lots of member profiles of hot girls but based on what I saw all I can say is a site is a full blown fraud. Not only does the site have fake women but they also send people fake messages. Male users who join SecretMatureClub get ripped off because they spend money to chat with women who aren't even real.

On the front page of secret mature Club it states that the purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and contains fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles. They are telling you point-blank that the whole reason for this website existing is to let you chat with fake profiles. And they say that you cannot actually hook up with the fake profiles that they are responsible for fabricating.

They also admit that the website includes fantasy profile created and operated by the website that may communicate with you for Promotional and other purposes. They openly tell us that they are the ones responsible for creating fictitious female profiles on their own website.

Don't get lovestruck when you see all the different females on remember they're all phony. And the website is the one responsible for creating thousands of fake profiles of women. SecretMatureClub looks like an online dating site but it's not. Without real women on the website there's no point joining it.

On the terms and conditions page there's even more evidence of fraudulent behavior. They admit that their site "is a platform for users to chat with fictive profiles". Fictive means fake so they're telling us that this website is great to chat with fake profiles, which is beyond ridiculous. They go on to state that "profiles with a heart icon are fictive profiles with which physical contact is not possible". You cannot meet up with the fictive profiles that the website is responsible for creating, astounding that they put this in black and white on their terms and conditions page.

This website works on a credit-based system which means it's not a monthly subscription. The more you use the website the more it will cost you. If you send out 100 messages it will cost you more than $100. And the problem is that the website uses computer software to send people who join their website computer-generated bogus messages. When you reply to those messages you have to pay. The more messages you receive and reply to the more money it will cost you.

And in another part of the terms and conditions page these say that " has entertainment as its goal, it is explicitly not the purpose of to establish dates or meetings in person.

They're telling you point-blank that this site is the only to be used to send messages back and forth. They have never intended that the website is to be used to actually meet real women in person. But of course people join the website so they can have physical relationships not realizing that this whole website is a scam from start to finish.

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