Review: Is An Open Scam Ripping On Tons Of People

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is absolute garbage. Even though they present themselves as a dating site it's nothing but a full-blown scam camouflaged as functioning dating site. There is nothing real about OurSecretChat right from the get-go on the front page of the website they tell you that site contains fictitious dating profiles and you can't physically meet up with these profiles. That should tell you everything you need to know about what's really going on with Our Secret Chat.

People join a dating site so they can hopefully meet people, but you can't do this on Our Secret Chat because it's a website that has been created to rip off people. Using fake profiles that send people computer-generated messages everything is geared towards you buying credits which in return makes money for the scammers running this hoax dating website. The more fake messages they send you and the more messages you reply to the more money the website owners make. This is because this is a credit-based system meaning the more you use the site the more it will cost you. FYI, it costs you about $1 for every single message you send.

On the front page of the site it says "the purpose of this website is to enable chat conversation between fictitious profiles and users." What does fictitious mean? It means fake of course. The purpose of the website existing is to enable chat conversations between fake female profiles and of course physically meeting with these fake profiles is not possible. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Nothing is real about this site, it's all an illusion.

And before you are allowed to use the site you need to agree to the terms of use which includes the use of fictitious fake profiles. OurSecretChat it's just another hoax dating site. Once you create your account and log into the members area you will be inundated with flirty messages from supposedly local ladies (all phony). Unfortunately all the messages you are receiving are computer-generated. These messages are sent from fictitious profiles created by the website. All the female profiles on this website are fictitious there are no real women here whatsoever. Your interactions on the website will be with employees who are called "operators". You are not interacting with real local females, you're chatting and sending messages to paid employees who pretend to be interested you.

The website definitely looks real and it has all the functionality of a real dating service. It is however missing one key ingredient and that is real women who have joined the site and created their own dating profiles. Without real women this dating site is completely useless!

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