This Review Points Out Why Is An Imitation Dating Site

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here isn't real. The evidence is overwhelming, all of it coming directly from the terms and conditions page of the PickYourFling website. On their terms page they admit to using fictional profiles that are there to entertain you. They also openly reveal that having a physical encounter such as hooking up with the fictitious profiles (that they are responsible for fabricating) is not possible whatsoever.

Although their website definitely looks real it's missing one key factor and that's women who you can meet in person. You cannot and will not be able to meet any of the females on Pick Your Fling because they're all meet up dating profiles.

Don't get misled once you start getting messages. The website uses software programs to send you message that have been generated by their computer program. This will give you the impression that real local women are trying to interact with you. Don't fall for it, part of their scam is to get you to buy credits on their bogus website.

PickYourFling is not a legitimate website. On the front page of their site it says the following: "by becoming a member you agree to the terms and the use of fictional entertainment profiles". Fictional means fake of course, and they state the "fictional profiles are marked with a heart icon with which physical contact isn't possible. Every single girl on this website is a fake profile, all of them have a heart icon (meaning they're fake). You cannot meet any women through their website because there are no legit local women on it.

Operators (Paid Employees & Contractors) Run The Fake Profiles

On the terms page they write that your interaction will be with "operators". What's an operator? An operator is a paid employee that works for the website and pretends to be the women on the fake dating profiles. The operators job is to pretend to be interested in you and send you messages back and forth and to trick you into buying credits. You see you need to purchase credits to chat with the non-existent fictional women that you think are real members of the website. This is a very elaborate scam that makes these shysters thousands of dollars per day. Fake profiles and paid employees impersonating the bogus profile is what PickYouFling is all about.

You can read the sentence below taken from the terms page where they admit that their website is a fantasy service (not a real dating site) and that you will be interacting with operators that are paid employee working on behalf of the website. They also admit that the dating profiles are fictitious!

"You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators."

Inundated With Bogus Chat Messages

We were inundated with messages. Pickyourfling works on a credit based system. It cost anywhere from $0.60 to $2.50 per message. If we were to reply to all the messages it would cost us hundreds of dollars. If there were real women contacting us this would be fantastic. But unfortunately all of the messages are computer-generated and you can never meet any of the women sending you messages in person. The profiles are fake and the messages are sent from a computer bots, all you're doing is interacting with computer programs not real local women.

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

You can email their customer service at [email protected] to delete your account.

Connections To Other Fake Sites

Meteor Interactive B.V owns and operates Pick Your Fling. Other sites connected and owned by Meteor Interactive B.V include,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, and to name a few .

Final Statement

Don't waste your time with it's fake from every angle. Nothing good can come from joining this website. All you're doing is creating misery for yourself if you give these people your credit card information. On top of that you can't meet any real local women on here so there's absolutely no point wasting any time on this sham dating service.

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