Flingpals.com Review: You Can’t Find Any Pals On Flingpals It’s A Scam

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There are no pals on Flingpals.com all of it is completely fake. Flingpals isn't real, they admit to this all over their website. The video review I did proves it without any shadow of a doubt. Before you even think about visiting this bogus website watch the video it's going to save you a lot of heartache and a lot of money.

It's hard to understand how websites like this keep popping up for decades now. It's like whack-a-mole, once I expose one website for being a scam a day later there's two more websites doing the exact same garbage. It's unbelievable. The owners of Fling Pals seem to own hundreds and even possibly thousands of other fake dating sites many of which I've exposed but they just keep creating new ones constantly. It's absolutely insane that this has continued for years and years.

Proof Of Being A Scam

They admit that their website is essentially a scam and nothing more directly on the front page of the website. This is right in front of you! They say the following: "The purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contain fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles." It's hard to fathom that this is right on the front page of the website but it is. They actually admit to creating fake female profiles that are created for one reason that's so you have someone to chat with. That means without these fake profiles there would be no women on this website at all.

Then they admit that they use fake fantasy dating profiles on their fake hookup site."…The Website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the Website that may communicate with me".

And before you gain access to the website they want you to agree to the terms of use which includes this: "acknowledge that individuals appearing in photos on the landing page or in fantasy profiles might not be actual members of the Website and that certain data is provided for illustration purposes only."

Also found on the homepage is this sentence: " Profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible." And yet what a once again they're admitting that the dating profiles are fictional and physically meeting up or having any type of real-life encounter including a date or a one-night stand is completely impossible.

Not A Real Dating Platform

The terms page has a paragraph with more evidence of fraud. Read this: "The Service is a digital Fantasy chat service for adults. The profiles are solely provided for the entertainment of Users. The interaction between the User and other profiles may simulate real life discussion and roll playing in order to fulfil the applicable fantasy. However, the Service is not a dating platform, and it is not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person."

They view their website as a "digital fantasy chat service" not a dating service where you can find real local women. They admit that the fake profiles are simply to entertain you. And they go on to state that FlingPals.com is not a dating platform at all. They know it's not a dating site, and they admit it's not possible at all to meet the fake dating profiles in person for real life relationships.

Final Statement

There is so much evidence that this website's a scam we're drowning in it. There's really not much more to say. If any law enforcement looked at this website they could easily see this website is in fact a scam. This website is a fraud all the way through your chances of meeting real women are zero.

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