Localsextingsluts.com is a con, this review exposes how they scam honest people

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Localsextingsluts.com is a con, this review exposes how the site scams honest people. Localsextingsluts is a rip off as outlined in this video review. Nothing is more powerful to exposes scams as evidence backed up by visual proof. Please share this video of this scam. This site is not even close to being legitimate. You will not find any local sluts for sexting. This site has been made just to scam 1000s of people. Don't give this site your credit card info unless you want to waste money on useless garbage. Don't trust Local Sexting Sluts the website looks legitimate but the video goes into detail about why it's a fraud and created to siphon as much money out of you as they possibly can.

Evidence Of The Fraud Is Everywhere

This sentence is on the front page of the website. "The website uses only fictitious profiles and physical meetings with these animators are not possible!" They admit that their dating service uses only fake dating profiles and physically having real life encounters isn't possible with these fake profiles that the website is responsible for fabricating. And when they use the word "animators" what they mean is employees working on behalf of Localsextingsluts.com. They actually have people who sit behind a desk and chat with you and send you messages and reply to your messages. These are paid employees and they are called animators.

Before you are allowed access to the website you need to "acknowledge that you understand the website uses animators that may communicate with you for Promotional and other purposes. They also want you to acknowledge that individuals appearing in photos on the landing page might not be actual members of the website." What does all this mean? They  want you to understand that they have paid employees that communicate with you. And they want you also understand that photographs on web pages on the website aren't legitimate female members.

The site states that they create "fictional profiles" on the terms page. If you don't know what the word fictional means, it means fake. So once again they're admitting that they use fake dating profiles on their website. There is nothing real about this website. Everything is bogus, everything is fake and all of the cards are stacked against you.

Digital Chat Service

Did you know that the owners of Localsextingsluts.com on their terms page tell us that their "service is not a dating platform, and it is not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person." This information is found in section 7.1 of the terms and agreement page. Point blank they tell us that this is not a dating site! And they admit that you cannot meet the fake personals that they have created for real life meetups, casual encounters or one-night stands.

Third Party Contractors Pretend To Be Interested In You

They also confess that messages from their "digital fantasy chat service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired or contract by them may generate messages or correspondence from then on in." If a message is automatically generated it means it's not being sent from any real humans, and they admit to this. They also admit that they use third-party contractors that are paid to correspond with you. These contractors reply to your messages, as well as send you messages. You think you're interacting with local women who live a few miles away from you but in fact you're interacting with people who are paid to pretend to want to hook up with you.

Computer Generated Messages Sent To Multiple People At The Same Time

On their terms page they have this sentence: "On one or more occasions, digital fantasy profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the Service. These messages may be transmitted to multiple Users at the same time." The fictitious profiles contact users using computer software programs that can generate messages on the fly. These messages are used as a marketing gimmick to entice you do you want to use the website more. They use these messages to get you to want to reply back at which time you will need to purchase expensive credits that can cost up to $2 a message to send. And on top of that the messages you're receiving could be sent to multiple people, other users at the same time that you are receiving them. These aren't personalized message coming from real local women looking for a partner.

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

This is how to cancel your account by using the online form, https://localsextingsluts.com/contact. You can also email them at [email protected]. There site is Ch-telcommunication.com for all your billing inquiries. Call them at +31.20.5315777.

Connections To Other Scams

LocalSextingSluts.com is operated by CH-Tel. communication AG and connected to other bogus hookup sites such as OnlySluzzas.com , LustyAustralians.com,  OnlyFuckBook.com, SextSpot.com, StreetSlagsUk.com, AustralianLocals.comMatch2night.com, CasualMatchClub.com and BookOfSext.com.

Final Statement

Don't bother joining Localsextingsluts.com, it's a total waste of time. All the evidence is overwhelming. The chance of you finding real local women that you will actually meet in person are the same as you winning a 10 million-dollar lottery. There is very little chance, if any.

Localsextingsluts was created specifically for one reason and that is for you to chat with paid operators who work on behalf of this fake no strings attached site. There is no opportunity to interact and meet real local women in person ever. We strongly urge you to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against this website for deceptive business tactics.

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