Review: There Are No Australian Women On

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If you're looking to meet local Australian women on don't waste your time. Australian Locals is a hoax dating site. The website uses paid employees called "animators". These animators will send you messages and also reply to your messages. They hide behind fake female dating profiles and they pretend to be the women in the profiles. Their job is simply to get you to spend as much money as possible on their fictitious dating service. These paid employees AKA animators are essentially professional liars. They act like they're interested in you, but they're not because they are not the women on the profiles that you're looking at. It's a very elaborate, detailed and expensive fraudulent operation. I don't think that AustralianLocals is the only website like this. There are literally thousands and thousands of fictitious dating sites all over the internet just like this one.

These kind of websites can get really expensive if you're not paying attention. For example on we received 111 chat messages. If we were to reply to every chat message it would cost us $199.80, because the cost is $1.80 to reply to any messages you receive. So as you can see this scam can get very, very expensive if you don't know what's truly going on. People have lost thousands and thousands of dollars because they think they're interacting with their dream girl unknown to them is that they're chit-chatting with a paid employee who will do everything in their power to get you to spend as much money as possible. Stay away from this site.

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