Sweetsext.com Review – Is This Site A Fraud? See This Video Review

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This is a review of Sweetsext.com. Watch the video review to see how this dating service operates. They don't want you seeing what really goes on behind the scenes of Sweetsext.com that's why its important you watch the video so you do not get ripped off. If you want to know the truth about if it this site is legitimate or scam to take a few minutes out of your day to watch the review we did.

Sweet Sext is connected to other hookup sites that includes Fling.com, Snapsext.com and SnapBang.com. The website says it does not create fake profiles but when you join the website you'll start getting notifications of supposed local women viewing your profile and so for all of this is misleading and used to trick you into purchasing a monthly membership to their dating service. All those SweetSext is not an outright fraud we will call it misleading.

There are better places to spend your time than this website. As always you are free to do whatever you like but before you spend money on their site use the website for a few days and see what happens. You will probably come to the same conclusion that we did.

Sure there are hot girls on the website, (or they appear to be hot girls looking for hookups) but is that really the case? We've done hundreds of reviews on dating sites and almost all of them are bogus. If you cannot meet these women in person then the website is useless. Unless you like spending all of your time behind a computer screen and chatting to women that you will never meet you shouldn't bother with this site.

On the terms and conditions page they admit that "the site maye from time to time offer an automated message system for users to contact other users that meet at least one interest that the user is interested in. Such automated messages are labelled icebreakers."  And if you join the website you may have noticed that you are receiving large amounts of notifications. Please understand all of those notifications are "Icebreaker messages" that are automatically generated. This means that there are not large amounts of local women sending you messages, all of those notifications and messages are completely automated using the Icebreaker system.

Does this make the website a scam or not? In our opinion it makes it less than trustworthy. Why do they need to offer this feature? Who benefits from this? Obviously it's the website that benefits from this because you need to upgrade and purchase a monthly membership to reply to any messages you receive on their platform through their automated Icebreaker system.

Final Statement

We wouldn't spend any of your hard-earned money on this website. If you want to join the website for free and look around go ahead but at the end of the day the chances of you actually meeting women in person for a casual encounters or one-night stands is basically impossible. Leave your comments and your experiences with SweetSext.com below.

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