Watch Out: Is Not A Real Site To Hookup And Bang Women

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is a nice catchy name. It seems like you can hook up and bang local women but unfortunately that's the farthest thing from the truth. This website is a blatant fraud. There's no women to bang on this website. There's no females to hook up with. Everything is an illusion, and everything is a hoax.

Bang Hookups is actually an age verification scam. Age verification scams are one of the worst scams out there because they don't even let you create a free account before they ask for your credit card information. These type of scams make it seem like you need to give them your credit card information so they can verify your over the age of 18. They make it seem like your credit card is not charged and they only need your card information simply to make sure you're over the legal age of 18. This is all lies.What they don't tell you is that your credit card is actually charged and in this particular case it's charged almost $130 per month until you cancel those charges. If you gave these people your credit card information you better check your credit card statement for unauthorized charges.

* The charges that will appear on your cardholder statement as 8553824170 GB Solastech Ltd., 118 Beatty Avenue, ME7 2DB, Gillingham, UK.

Not only is this an age verification scam but they use other dirty tricks like fabricating bogus dating profile pages. "BangHookups utilize virtual profiles that do not correspond to actual members." They admit to using computer-generated profiles and even admit to employing people including third-party contractors as part of they're "online Emissary program" which is nothing more than a fancy term to say dating scam agenda.

Their scam program includes the posting of information, pictures and communications directed to people who join their website. They also admit that some of the profiles are not actually members of the website and are not associated with any user of the website. All of this evidence is found directly on their website on their terms page. They admit to all of their dirty tricks right on their own website which is astounding. They've figured out every method to manipulate people into wanting to use their website, but the end of the day it's a scam and our job is to expose these filthy scams for what they are.

** is connected to, another scam from the same people. If you want to contact their customer support their support page is here: Their phone number is 1-866-717-4863. You can reach them by email at [email protected].

Final Statement

Under no circumstances should you join this website or give them your credit card information. This is one of the worst scams in the dating realm. Don't fall for this blatant fraud!

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