Review Shows It’s A Fake Scam

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here says "it's the right place for you. Find hundreds of open-minded people who are looking for naughty fun and excitement." But this is all lies. Looks can be deceiving and SlagsGoWild is definitely deceiving you. The website openly admits that they are not a real dating site. They also admit to creating bogus fictitious profiles. Nothing about this website is real, watch the video review for all the truth.

You get inundated with erotic email messages all to entice you to reply to them. Even if you have a blank profile it doesn't really matter you'll still get tons of messages because the end goal is for you to buy credits. The website has orchestrated this scam to push you to want to buy credits to reply to fake women who you think wnat to meet you in person. There are no genuine female profiles on Slags Go Wild.

This site is a scam, this is not a real hookup site. The website has been created to rip off as many as men as possibly. Before you are able to use their site you need to agree to "receive chat and role play suggestions by animators with whom real life encounters are not possible". What does that mean? They want you to agree that you will receive phony chat messages from paid "animators". What is an animator? An animator is a paid employee who works for the website. And you cannot have real life encounters with the animators. You cannot meet these people in person because of course they're fake. The employees aka animators disguise themselves as real women on the website.The animators are paid employees who receive money to talk to you and mislead you. Nothing is real on this bogus meetup site.

It's A Chat Service Not A Dating Site

On the terms and conditions page in section 7 they talk about SlagsGoWild being a "digital fantasy chat service". They don't consider this a dating website, they consider it a "fantasy chat service". What they're telling you is that you cannot meet these women in person because this is a fantasy service not a dating site! There are no real women who joined the website, it's all bogus.They even admit that "the service is not a dating platform", they're telling us it's not a dating site! And they admit it is not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person.

You Can't Meet Up With The Females On The Site

The website itself admits that you can't have physical encounters with ebony of the female profiles that you are interested in on their website. This statement was taken from the terms page of the website: "You acknowledge that the profiles on the website or fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefor real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible." Many times on the website they admit to creating pretend dating profiles and once again they're admitting it here on the terms page. They go on to admit that these fake profiles have been created by the staff, and they are used for one reason and that is to send you fake messages. If you join the website and you start getting large amounts of messages please understand they are all fictitious. None of those messages are coming from local women that want to meet up with you, it's all a facade. They even admit that real life meetings with these fake dating profiles isn't possible!

Computer Generated Messages

They even state that "the messages may be automatically generated with no human involvement". And they even hire people to pretend to be interested in you by sending and replying to any messages. Yes, they hire third-party contractors that "may generate messages or correspondence" with you. So you could easily be chatting with a third party contractor who gets paid to chat with you (lie and pretend they are the women on the personal profile pages). There are fake women absolutely everywhere on this website. The whole thing is one big sham.

It's A Fake Chat Service Only To Exchange With (So The Site Can Make Money)

They admit that there dating service has only been created to get you to chat and send messages with other users on their website. In section 7.4 of the terms page they say: "This digital fantasy chat service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in the services."  That sounds harmless enough what they really mean is they want you to interact and send as many messages as possible on the website to their fake profile so they can make as much money as possible. If you know how the website works the more messages you send to women on the website the more money it will cost you. And of course none of the women are real, they're all fictitious dating profiles so it's a waste of your time and more importantly a waste of your money.


If you need to contact their customer support you can use this online form: or by email at [email protected]. If you want to get reimbursed for any un-used credits from the last 14 days use this form:

Final Statement

Slags Go Wild isn't worth using. There is overwhelming evidence supporting our claims that this website is fraudulent. Look elsewhere to meet women.

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