Review: Is A Waste Of Time To Join Because It’s A Scam

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What's so good about absolutely nothing. This website is a big fraud. If you like joining a website that has been built to scam you. If you want to join a website that has no real women on it. And if you want to join a website that wants to make tons of money off of your gullibility then go ahead and join Twomance. The website openly admits that they have fictitious profiles on their fake dating platform. They also admit that you cannot physically have contact with these fake profiles. During doing our review we found multiple fake profiles on the website. In fact we did not find one real female profile on the dating service. This website is a scam through and through.

Twomance is not a real website to meet any real women, it's fake from start to finish and I can prove it all. On the bottom of the front page they say "fictional entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles isn't possible. What does all that mean? It means that they use fake profiles on their website.

Physically meeting up with the women in these dating profiles is not possible meaning of course you can't actually have any hookups with the girls on the website. You can't have any casual encounters or anything because of course these are fictional profiles (not real women). This site was built exclusively to scam as many men as possible.


  1. Women in general are by far the biggest LIARS in today's electronic media dating; not to mention huge hypocrites. Keep milking the "victim" & "gender inequality " role. Females only perpetuate the ever so present stereotype. The laughable point of interest that screams irony here is that all the progress for womens rights has been an empty labor all due to the so called empowered women of present because at the end of the day women have proven over & over they are by nature indecisive & dont know even themselves what they want. Instinctually under all the facade, women just want a man to take charge & lead the way. "Maybe ONE STEP FORWARD, definitely TWO(or three) steps back". Tsk tsk; SMH 🤦‍♂️ 

    1. The fake profiles are operated by men and women. The fake profiles are not women who have joined The photos have been copiud from other sites and then used to build phony female profiles on Twomance. This has NOTHING to do with women at all. Both genders are scamming on Twomance.

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