Be Aware Isn’t Legit, It’s Fake

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There are no "women with secrets" on his website. All the profiles are fictitious. When you join you're walking in to the lion's den.This website was designed and created exclusively to scam lonely men out of their hard-earned money.

On their own terms and conditions page they openly admit that profiles that are marked with a heart icon are fictional profiles, and they go on to say that physically hooking up with these profiles is not possible. This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about why not to use this website. The site is an open-ended scam created to make as much money as possible from ignorant users who have no idea that they're walking into a trap.

And for the record when we recorded the video review for the investigation every single female had a heart icon on it signify that every single profile is fake. There are absolutely no legitimate authentic real female profiles on WomenWithSecrets.

WomenWithSecrets is not a legitimate website to meet any real women at all. This website has been created to rip you off. On the terms and conditions surprisingly  they admit to all of this. They say "profiles marked with a heart icon are fictional entertainer profiles rather than member profiles, physical contact with these profiles is not possible." Any profile with a heart icon is a fake profile, it's not a real member profile. It's a fake profile created by the owners of Women With Secrets. You cannot physically meet up with these profiles of course  because they're fake. Those fictitious dating profiles are everywhere on the website. And in actuality we couldn't even find one legitimate female personal profile on the site. At the end of the day you cannot meet any of these women in person, since they're all fake. Once you realize the website is creating fake profiles then there is no point using the site.

Not only do they have fictitious female profiles but they hire paid operators that are employees who work for the website. These people are instructed to lie, mislead and deceive you as much as possible by pretending they're interested in you. This website uses a credit based system so every message you send will cost you about $2 or more. These paid operators try to get you to reply and send as many messages as possible so the website makes as much money as they can from your ignorance.

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