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Getting Spammed By EconomyHostingProvider.com?

EconomyHostingProvider.com is a site that is being used to spam 1000s of men who respond to CraigsList personal ads. Instead of using Hotmail.com or Gmail email addresses to spam people EconomyHostingProvider.com are now being used to spam men who respond to CraigsList ads. The reason they do this is because HotMail and GMail will disable email addresses used to send spam, so they are getting smarter by using their own websites to create 1000s of email addresses coming from EconomyHostingProvider.com which are much harder to disable or shutdown. If you receive emails from EconomyHostingProvider.com now you know it’s just spam that you should delete. Most the emails being sent have Jennifer.Verified-Dating.org links in the email, which is a scam site. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Amber Stark, Hazel Badeau , Rebecca Fleming , Laura Horatio , Joyce Rye , Melanie Humphrey , Jannet Conway , Christine Reed , Julie Sylvia , Sarah Clay , Sarah Dillon , Joyce Goodrich , Rebecca Derby , Diane Ouseley , Angela Dorlan , Julie Kempster , Sarah Lower , Christine Halkett , Tracy Peele , Dalila Parker, Marylou Wright, Rochell Bailey
  • Email Addresses: amber.stark@economyhostingprovider.com , hazel.badeau@economyhostingprovider.com , rebecca.fleming@economyhostingprovider.com , jannet.conway@economyhostingprovider.com , laura.horatio@economyhostingprovider.com , joyce.rye@economyhostingprovider.com , melanie.humphrey@economyhostingprovider.com , jannet.conway@economyhostingprovider.com , christine.reed@economyhostingprovider.com , julie.sylvia@economyhostingprovider.com , sarah.clay@economyhostingprovider.com , sarah.dillon@economyhostingprovider.com , joyce.goodrich@economyhostingprovider.com , diane.ouseley@economyhostingprovider.com, rebecca.derby@economyhostingprovider.com , rebecca.mcbain@economyhostingprovider.com , sophia.perkins@economyhostingprovider.com , angela.dorlan@economyhostingprovider.com , julie.kempster@economyhostingprovider.com , sarah.lower@economyhostingprovider.com , christine.halkett@economyhostingprovider.com , leslie.gerard@economyhostingprovider.com , sarah.lower@economyhostingprovider.com , tracy.peele@economyhostingprovider.com , renee.fisher@economyhostingprovider.com , rebecca.dalyell@economyhostingprovider.com , dalila.parker@economyhostingprovider.com, nyla.parker@economyhostingprovider.com, marylou.wright@economyhostingprovider.com , rochell.bailey@economyhostingprovider.com, ludwigfun420@gmail.com, karma.roberts@economyhostingprovider.com
  • Scam sites: EconomyHostingProvider.com

Owner Of EconomyHostingProvider.com

Name: All info is hidden
Phone: (480) 624-2599
Address: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States
Email: ECONOMYHOSTINGPROVIDER.COM@domainsbyproxy.com

Where To File Complaints

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