Extremechat.com Review Explains Why It’s A Scam Created To Make Money Off Of Your Ignorance

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Extremechat.com isn't real. When I joined the site I received 33 emails from 33 different women. And none of them are real women looking for hookups. Sure the website portrays itself as a place to find women interested in all kind of kinky hookups but it's just a scam to make money off of you. There's nothing real about Extremechat.

I did a video review on Extreme Chat where I recorded everything inside the members area to show you firsthand exactly why the site should not be trusted. You can see everything for yourself so you don't make a mistake and lose money because of this fraud.

On the footer of every page of the site they tell us that we will "have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment World, although real meetings are not possible." What is this mean? They're telling you directly that their website has virtual profiles, this means these are fictitious profiles, not real people! And they also admit that real meetings aka hooking up with these fictitious profilesis not possible! That should tell you everything you need to know about this website. It is all fake and a fraud! FYI also never forget to read the terms and conditions.

Why Would Women Contact An Empty Profile Page?

One major reason we know all of this is a facade is because the profile that we created for this review was intentionally left empty. But somehow miraculously 33 different women contacted us even though we didn't have a picture on our profile page. How does that make sense? Why would so many different women contact a profile with no photographs in it. And of course the reason we've gotten so many emails is that there are no real women contacting us. If there were real women on the website we wouldn't be getting these email messages. No one contacts a dating profile that has no photograph in it especially 33 women all in the same time frame.

Messages Used To Get Men To Purchase Coins (Spend Money)

On top of that after being a member of Extreme Chat for a short period of time we've already got 33 e-mail messages. This might sound like a great thing but it's not. All the messages that are being sent to us are not legitimate. The email messages are computer-generated, there are no real local women sending us email messages. On top of that the dating profiles that the messages are being sent from are fictitious, not real women. You need to buy something called coins which are needed in order to interact and communicate with people on the website. But all the women are fake so there is no point upgrading.  It's a massive very elaborate fraudulent operation that uses all types of deceptive tricks to get you to spend money.

The point behind all of this is to trick people into spending money. What are you getting for your money? You're getting absolutely nothing. You cannot meet any of the women in person, all the messages are computer-generated. Purchasing coins on this website gives you nothing in return. This is the definition of a scam.

Paid Operators (Employees) Pretend To Be Women

Did you read this setence on the terms page? "Abacus uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system." Did you know that Extreme Chat uses something called operators and animators. Operators and animators are paid employees and contractors that interact with members on the website. These animators and operators act and pretend to be the women on the profile pages. They send messages to real users acting as if they're interested in them. Unknown to people who join the website is that these operators are used to get you to spend as much money as possible purchasing coins. It cost roughly just over $1.00 per message. This can add up very quickly if you're getting messages left and right from a variety of different woman that you think are real local females that want to meet you in person. The real truth is these  operators are there for only one reason and that is to get you to spend all of your money chatting with them.

Final Statement

ExtremeChat is an extreme scam. Don't waste another minute on this bogus alternative dating site, it's a rip-off, and it has no real women on it. You will never meet any of these people in person ever, don't waste your time here.


  1. I caught on since a female erwhore started a dialogue with me kept saying she wanted to meet, but when I suggested we move to s free chat site or a different platform the NEVER addressed my request as if I never brought it up! There are other dating sites that create a dramatic scenario about being in danger with their"boyfriends' that they claim they are going through and even talk about where they work locally but don't call there. It's an elaborate custom scam setup! It's all getting out of hand!

    1. I just took on Extreme chat here a d I thought it iwas a scam. So how can these  people get away with all this? I know its quite attrctive looking and I do want  to mee t women but its too good to be true. I paid once and after i use up my coins I will delete this site and I will tell them that to the mgrs.

      One doe get desperate and where do they get all these female profiles? I hve to say that they know how to get these men,s interest. They do look like real women on here. I will cancel once i use up my coins Norman.

  2. I caught one profile using a pic of a relatively well known American female bodybuilder, Lindsay Mullinazi. Sloppy, sloppy, 'Extreme Chat', and extremely stupid. Go figure.

  3. Thank you i never spent a dime on it.i am intersex and it even produced chickx with dicks.lots of the near me.this site needs to be shut down and the opeators charged with a crime

  4. I totally agree with u after I registered my name with this site. I start getting bunch of messages same time which is creat doubt in my mind it's face not real messages from those women with picture with messages. I am very thankful ur warning to all mens not to trust in these sites.

    Can u recommended real site meet real woman to talk/chat.

    sincererly ,



  5. Thanks for verifying.. I got a  ton of messages right away and I have no pic either.   There aren't that many women that even live within 5 miles of me.   So, it seems very suspicious and most of them said the same thing as well.

  6. All these websites are bullshit. I have been on several  and have nothing to show for it. These assholes should 't be allowed to operate bit I'm sure they are all offshore so the FBI can't touch them

  7. Buyer Beware!!!!!

    As of October 2023 Xparler or Extremechat.com (same site) continues to use fake profiles to reach out with interest even when your newly created profile has zero photos or information about yourself.  Why?  Because each message you reply back to a fake account contacting you costs you $1.70 US dollars and this how the company rips you off.

    Best save your money for a legit, verifiable dating app.

                        !!!!!!!!!Caviat Emptor!!!!!

  8. The web site Extremechat is a total ripoff & scam. It preys on lonely men who are just trying to find someone to complete their life. I joined the site and after a few days I deleted my profile and left the site. When you join the site they give you 200 free coins. Each message cost 50 coins, and the site floods your account with many profiles of women who want to chat with you. They want you to buy coins so you can continue to chat with the women on the site. The site is filled with profiles of women of all ages, races, sizes, shapes and even some  tranny's. The profiles all promise sex in every variety and they try to guilt trip the person in to buying more coins with the promise of a future. I only used the free coins, I wasn't stupid enough to buy more coins. The sight has a coin wheel that you get to spin to get more coins but it is rigged and never gives you more than 5 or 10 coins. I realized the site was a scam when some of the profiles made mistakes so I deleted my account.

  9. Breaking News. Extreme Chat is a scam. The site is run using Bots to communicate yto you. Similar to the way Alexa and Siri works. The only thing Alexa and Siri assit you.

  10. Bonjour à vous tous, (and thanks to Crow Translate)
    First I am not interessed in any love chating but I became a sort of spam hunter (for hating receiving spam and scam).
    Here is some parts of a text I did post in a French anti scam site, about spams I began receiving some days ago.

    Email [email protected]
    Pseudonym used XtremeChat
    Url / Website https://www.xtremechat.com/

    Scam Content
    The XtremeChat site is apparently made for adults who want to have very intimate discussions, or even hookups. Ladies post naked photos of themselves.
    The site sent me spam saying that several women, aged **, living *** miles away, like "my" profile.

    "Subject: XtremeChat – 110 tokens almost free!"

    "Your profile is very popular!"
    "Dear [my oldest email address, which I use a lot]"
    "Log in to XtremeChat now and take advantage of this offer only 1.49 EUR."

    2024 XtremeChat
    Digital Innovation Network SP.Z.O.O.
    Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 3/27,
    20-029 Lublin,

    Email: [email protected]
    Contact: https://www.xtremechat.com/support/contact
    Director: Franjo Sljivic
    Register number: 0001013844
    PIN: 7123448121
    REGON: 52419717800000
    VAT: PL7123448121

    "This message was sent to:
    [my oldest email address, which I am still using, mainly on some offcial sites]"

    Comment / Explanations I did not know the existence of this site but it sent me 8 spam messages in two days (January 25 and 26).
    NOTE: Nothing illegal in the content of the site.
    Adults do what they want with each other, that’s obvious!

    *** Highly reprehensible, however:
    the recovery of an address (mine) and the sending of eight spam emails in two days, as well as the tricks described below! ***
    I also understood that the site is not having the success it hoped for.
    So, as soon as he thinks he has hooked a customer, he makes the most of it!

    The first spam:
    "From: XtremeChat "[email protected]"
    Subject: XtremeChat – Confirm your email address now!
    url: https://www.xtremechat.com/%5B…]"

    So they have got one of my emails and give me a password to log in (not tried!).
    I was able to see the profile of the man whose nickname on XtremeChat uses my email address: "living in Lorient (France)" (yes, within about 200 or 300 km!) and born in 1980 (yes, two or three decades close !).
    My French ISP places all these emails in the spam folder, which is very rare… which means this site is well known as spam source!

    Confirmation today of the desire to deceive the owners of this site:
    Every spam spam contains an “Unsubscribe” link.

    Big trick: for each spam, the link is different!
    So we will always have new spam!
    (I cut part of each link because I don't know on which page it arrives exactly and with what data).

    Unsubscribe links:
    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699……………… …..=q17y6fh

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… ……=q12r1tl

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… ……=q12nyy3

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… ….=q0rp0k3

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… .=q0n73it

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… .=q0iey3h

    https://www.xtremechat.com/email-unsubscribe?emailHash=………….39699c……………… .=q0hmv5z

    The sending address is “[email protected]” for contact requests.

    The Return-path is also different in each email:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    The sending address is “[email protected]” for contact requests.
    I'm surprised that the owner of the site gives all his contact details in each message…
    (spammers usualy don't publish their address !).

    How did they get one of my e-mail address (perhaps about 15 years old)?
    The French consumers review UFC-Que Choisir published 1/25/2024 an article with this title:
    "By consulting barely ten of the most popular sites in France, the personal data collected is shared more than 4,000 times”.

    Best wishes for 2024,
    Michel from France

  11. Thanks to your website for confirming what I thought.
    I never tried to register to a chat site but I received 12 spams from January 25, sent by
    XtremeChat [email protected]
    Those people send me messages saying (for example):
    Hello [my stolen e-mail],
    "You have new contact requests! Write back quickly"!
    Pattie78 (45)    
    Kathryn86 (37)    
    Theodora86 (37)
    (and many others)
    "Your profile is very popular"
    Those spams are sent to my oldest email address (about 15 years old ?), which I am still using (but less and less).
    I was able to see the profile of a man whose nickname on XtremeChat uses this email address:
    "living in Lorient (France)" (yes, within about 200 or 300 km!) and born in 1980 (yes, two or three decades close !).
    Every spam contains an “unsubscribe” link.
    For each spam, the unsubscribe link is different!
    So I'm sure I would always receive new ones !

    It is surprising that the owner of the site gives all his contact details in each message… (spammers usualy don't publish their residence address !):
    Digital Innovation Network SP.Z.O.O.
    Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 3/27,
    20-029 Lublin,
    (He writes his name I don't copy here)
    Sorry, my first message was certainly two long to be published

  12. Notice how many of the women on the site claim to come from Banyoles in Spain – I've just returned from visiting relatives in Banyoles with so many women claiming to live there – it should have bursting at the seams – It wasn't!!!

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