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my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is fake. On their own terms and conditions page they admit to using fictional profiles that you cannot physically hook up with in person. This is coming directly from the horse's mouth on their own website in their own words. Not only do they use fake profiles but there's also send men who join their fictitious dating service computer-generated messages that are supposed to appear to be coming from women looking for casual meetups. Anyway you look at it PassionateNeighbors is a fraud.

Not only is the website bogus but they charge for you to use their fake hook-up site. There payment plan works on credits which is based on the amount of messages you reply to. Passionate Neighbors is a criminal operation from head to toe.

The worst part about this scam is that they're preying on lonely men who are just looking to meet up and date women. They throw everything at these guys that they can. They create fake profiles, they send them computer-generated messages and they send them winks. All of these different tactics are used to manipulate these male members into purchasing credits so they can interact with his profile that they think are real local women.

Found On The Bottom Of Every Page

The following sentence is found on the bottom of every single page of PassionateNeighbors: "fictional Entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon or for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible." It's in very small text that is purposely hard to read. They are telling us that they use fake female dating profiles that have a heart icon to identify them. They go on to state that actually having a physical meet up or any type of physical relationship with these dating profiles isn't a possibility. There's not much else you need to understand once you realize that the website is fabricating a slew of fake dating profiles. In fact when we looked at the female profiles on this website every single profile that we looked at had the heart icon on it signifying that it's a fake Entertainer profile that has been fabricated by the website. These are not real women who have joined the website and created a profile, and uploaded a photograph of themselves no! These profiles have been fabricated by the website itself.

Emails  Pour In Right After Joining The Site

The emails start pouring in immediately after joining the website. All types of hot girls have sent us messages. But of course none of this is real, it's a scam. There are no real women sending us emails. And the messages are all a trap to mislead lonely men into  communicating back to the women. Once you start getting these messages and you try to reply to them you are blocked. This is because they want you to purchase credits which cost anywhere from $0.99 all the way up to $2 per message.

The Terms & Conditons Has Evidence Of Fraud

On their terms and conditions page they say that their website is a "fantasy entertainment service". They don't consider PassionateNeighbors a dating site because all it is is a service where you are entertained with fantasy fictitious profiles. This website is like a movie where everything is imaginary, and it's full of actors who are paid to play a role. They also admit that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with "operators". Operators are paid employees that act as if they're interested in you. They will say anything to get you to buy credits. Their job is to get you to spend as much money as possible on their fake hookup website!

On the terms page they also confessed that dating profiles that are marked with a heart icon are fictional entertainer profiles rather than member profiles, physical contact with these profiles is not possible. This is the website confessing to fabricating fake dating profiles. And they also admit that you cannot physically hook up with these fake profiles that they are responsible for creating.

Another eyebrow raiser is this sentence where they confess to creating made up profiles: "the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators".  This was found in the terms and conditions, they admit that the profiles are fake and when you're interacting with someone in the profiles you're actually interacting with paid employees that they have termed "operators". They hire people to pretend to be interested in you! These operators write you messages, they reply to your messages and the pretend like you have a chance at meeting them in person and taking them out on a date. All of this is fake and a scam. All they want to do is get you to spend as much money as possible sending messages back and forth.

Connection To Other Dating Scams

The company that operates this site is White Mountain Online Solutions B.V. They operate many other fake hookup sites as well including the following:,,,,,, and

Contact Customer Support:

You can contact support using their email address is [email protected].

Final Statement

It is strongly urged that you not use this website. Nothing good can come from spending money on It's a scam through and through, completely fake and fabricated. FYI The people that run this bogs website have hundreds and possibly thousands of other dating sites just like this one so always keep your guard up. File a complain with the Better Business Bureau against this site.

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