Review Explains Why You Can’t Trust It

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here isn't legitimate, it's a massive scam. Sure the website may have all the fancy graphics and the search options, online messaging and so on but that doesn't make it a legitimate place to interact with real local women. Learn why this is not a real place to meet any real women.

On the bottom of the front page of the website they actually admit to their fraud. It says "fictional entertainment profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible." This mean that they have fictional (fake) profiles and of course you can't meet them in person. And physical contact means hooking up with these profiles is not possible. They're telling you right on the front page of the website that their site is all a fraud.

In the members area of the website EVERY profile we viewed had a heart icon on it. And when you click on the heart icon it says "physical contact not possible". If you read the terms and conditions they say the same thing. They admit that there are no real profiles on the website. They say, "profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators." What does that mean? Fictional means and when you're interacting with any one of the website it's going to be operator. Operators are paid employees that work on behalf of Flirty Seductions to interact with you (lie and mislead you). If you receive messages from the fake female profiles guess what the messages could be coming from paid employees and operators. What most people don't realize is that paid employees called operators are sending you phony messages to lure you into purchasing a membership on the website. There are no real girls on the site so all the messages then logically have to be phony as well.

Pay To Talk To Fake Women

What they want you to do is pay to chat with these bogus women. The cost is anywhere from $0.99 up to 2 bucks per message. By using bots as well as paid operators to send you messages they know that a certain percentage of people will fall for this scam. The end result is the website's owners behind FlirtySeductions will make large amounts of money by ripping off ignorant people who join their fictitious dating service.

They have this fraud dialled right in, and they have covered all of the angles. But at the end of the day it's still relatively easy to understand what's going on. The question is will you realize this is a scam before you gave these scammers your credit card info or after the fact?

Contact Customer Support

If you want to contact their customer support to cancel your account or try to get your money back you can email them at [email protected]

Final Statement

Do not trust it's completely fraudulent. Based on all the evidence we found on the home page and in the terms and conditions page we cannot recommend anyone join this website. There is absolutely no chance of meeting real local women for casual hookups. Between the fake profiles, automated bots and paid operators this websites is infested with fraudulent methods of stealing money from you.

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