Review: Is No Place To Find A Hot Wife See Why

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This review is about a website called purpose of this review is to expose this site for being a scam. It's not a real website, it's a hoax and a rip-off .

Fake Profile Pages

Right on the front of the homepage they admit to using "computer-generated virtual profiles that are targeted to your interests". What does that mean? What is a computer-generated virtual profile? It's not a real female, it's a it's a dating profile that has been created by computer software program. They use computer software programs to create phony profiles. You think you're going to meet up with all these local wives and have a affair, it's all nonsense.

Terms Page Proves It's A Rip Off

On the terms of use there is even more evidence of wrongdoing with this website. The following was copied from the terms page: "Please, note that while using Our Services You may sometimes interact with automated online accounts and/or fictitious profiles, which its interactions have been generated by or with the assistance of automated programs or scripts, or by real persons that have been contracted or employed by Us (hereinafter, referred to as “Bots”, "Automated Profiles” or “Fictitious profiles”). These Automated Profiles are being used within the Services for enhancing your amusement experience." They're telling you that they have fake profiles on this site and they use a computer program to send you messages. And they even have real people (employees) that are contracted or employed by them. These programs are used to trick you into thinking that you can meetup with real local women. FYI, there are no real women on this website, it's all a hoax and your wallet is a target.

Probably the real issue with all of this is that most men do not realize that this is even going on.. They join this website hoping they can meet someone and all that happens is they get scammed out of their hard-earned money. It's sad and disgusting that these online criminals prey on vulnerable people.

When we conducted this investigation we use a proxy server that made it appear that we were located in the Philippines. If this was a legitimate website we would have seen a large amount almost all Filipina women. But that wasn't the case. What happened was that all of the profiles were white women. This just proves that all of the dating profiles are fictitious.

Automatic Rebllling Charges

By the way upgrading to a paid monthly membership will cost you anywhere from $16.00 to $29.95 per month. All of these monthly plans renew every month until you cancel it so watch.

Cancel Your Account

If you want to cancel your membership or contact customer support you can use this support number: +1 (808) 829-3791 or use their online support system

Final Statement

There's so much incriminating proof that this website is fraudulent but the choice is yours to use it. Everything points to this website being a scam. We strongly urge you not to join Please leave a comment below with your experiences to help others looking for the truth.

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here

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