Review Exposes This Hookup Site For Being A Hoax

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is a fraud, and total complete scam. Before you gain access to the site you need to agree to the terms and the use of something called "fictional entertainers profiles marked with a heart icon, with which physical contact is not possible."What does that mean? They're admitting that they use fake profiles on their fake dating site. You can identify these bogus profiles with a heart icon. But you cannot have physical meetings aka real life hook ups with these sham profile pages. FYI in reality there are no real women on the website. ChatByNight was created to scam you, there's no real local females here at all!

If you go to the terms and conditions page they about about fake profiles a little more. On the terms page they want you to understand that their "website is a fantasy entertainment service and the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators". As you can see from that sentence they don't describe their website as a dating site, they consider it a service that is created to entertain your fantasies. Because that's exactly what it is, this isn't a website where you can find real women that you can meet up for coffee and then go to her place for a casual encounter. That is not possible on Chat By Night. They also admit that the profiles are fictional which means fake.

Full Of Fake Profiles

This website createss countless amounts of fictitious female dating profiles. When we logged into the members area of the website every single female profile we checked out was in fact fake. We did not find one legitimate female profile on ChatByNight. Then they go on to state that your interactions will be with operators. When they say operators they are describing paid employees and third-party contractors. These people work on behalf of the website and they are paid to chat with you. You can't meet these people in person because they are not the girls you're talking to. You might be thinking you're getting messages from a hot blond who lives a few miles away from you but in reality you're probably interacting with a person male or female who possibly lives in a third world country not even near where you are located. It's one massive hoax to make money off your gullibility.

How do they make money off of this? In order for you to reply to any messages you received you need to upgrade and buy credits. But remember you're buying credits to chat with paid operators, not women that you can ever meet in person to date.

Chatting To Fake Profiles Is Expensive

Chatting to these bogus profiles is not cheap depending on the package you purchase purchase it'll cost you anywhere from $0.60 per message all the way to $2.50 per message. If we replied to all the messages sent to us we'd have easily spent hundreds of dollars. The more messages they send, and the more messages you reply to then the more money that the website makes. It's in their best interests to send you as many chat messages as possible.

The messages we receive were beyond ridiculous. The photos on the profile pages looked like adult stars. You need to ask yourself why would so many women be contacting you.

Final Statement

From what we've seen is just another scam using paid operators to chat with you to get you to spend all your money. The site is a complete fraud and should be avoided at all costs.

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