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You can't find any woman to have a fling with on because it's fake. Nothing is real on this website. Everything has been turned against you to trick you into purchasing credits. The website is not a dating service it's a fraudulent business stealing money from unsuspecting victims. By using automated bots to send you fake messages and creating fake female profiles the people behind Fancy A Fling do everything in their power to scam people. They are basically predators preying on lonely men who are simply looking for women to meet in person.

The site is a complete fraud and and not a real place to find any real women that you can meet up with for casual encounters. That is not possible with this bogus hook-up site. Watch this review for the truth about Fancyafling .

Front Page Evidence Of Their Scam

Even before we gained access to the website on the front page of fancy of fling a pop-up window appeared. In this window they admitted to their fraudulent tactics numerous times that we've listed below. They admit the whole purpose of their fictitious dating services to let you chat with fake profiles. They gotta go on to state that physically meeting with these bogus profile pages is not possible. Then they want you to understand that their website has fake fictitious profiles that have been created and are operated by them. These fake profiles are used to communicate with you via messages. Any messages you receive on the site are coming from fictitious profiles that the website is responsible for creating. Then they want you to understand that individuals that are on landing pages in The photographs are not actual members of the website. If you see attractive looking women in the dating profiles on fancy of guess what these are not legitimate members of the website. These are all fictitious profile Pages used to Target you and manipulate you.

See the sentences below that prove this website is a bogus dating service trying to scam people.

  1. "The purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and contain fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles."
  2. I acknowledge that the Website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the Website that may communicate with me .
  3. I acknowledge that individuals appearing in photos on the landing page or in fantasy profiles might not be actual members of the Website."

They Admit To Creating Bogus Profiles On The Bottom Part of Every Page

On every single page of this website at the very bottom they admit to creating fake profiles. They say that their website contains fictitious dating profiles that are marked with a heart icon and are used to entertain you. This means that you cannot meet these bogus profiles in person, they're only there simply to entertain you. On top of that they admit that having a physical encounter or meeting with these profiles is impossible. Of course you can't meet with these profiles because they're not real women who have joined the website, they are all phony dating profiles.

"The site contains fictive profiles a marked with a heart icon and are for entertainment purposes only. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible."

Terms And Conditions Is Full Of Proof

A word of advice, always read the terms and conditions page. It may seem boring but this is the section of the website where fake dating services will admit to fabricating fake profiles, using automated bots and even paying employees and third-party contractors to interact with you.

That's exactly what happened with We found so much evidence of their fraud in black and white on their terms page it was shocking. They state that their website has a goal of allowing users to chat with fictitious profiles. The owners of this website don't view it as a place to interact and find real people so you can have real relationships. It's actually the opposite where they view their website as a place where you can interact and chat with fake dating profiles, not real people! And they admit the site is to entertain you and it is not intended to be used to have real life encounters with other users. And in reality how can you have real life meetups when all of the female profiles on this website are not real people. See the paragragh below that proves the site is a fake hookup site with imaginary women on it.

" has the goal of allowing users to flirt. is the platform for users to chat with fictive profiles. The website, service and content are being provided for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be used for establishing meetings with other users. Profiles marked with a heart icon  are fictive profiles with which physical contact is not possible."

Messages Used To Dupe You Into Buying Credits

We have so many messages from all of the fictive profiles that we can't even count. If we were to reply to all the messages that we received from fake women on the website it would cost us a small fortune. On top of that the biggest problem of all is that all of the profiles aren't real, and all of the messages are computer-generated. There's absolutely no benefit to upgrading and purchasing credits to interact with fictitious profiles, unless you like dealing with automated bots!

Other Scam Sites Connected To This One

FancyAFling is operated by Midsummer Online BV and is connected to tons of other fake dating services such as,,

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

You can email their customer service at [email protected].

Final Statement

There's no point joining this website. was created exclusively to trick you into purchasing credits that are useless. There are no real women on the website all, it's a scam.

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