Review: You Can’t Find Any Hookups On, Learn Why It’s A Scam

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There is nothing yummy about Yummy Hookups. might give you the impression that it's a great place to meet new people but just below the surface the fraud is exposed very quickly. This website openly admit to creating computer-generated virtual profiles. When we did the review we had a bunch of messages from different women on the website but unfortunately all of the profiles sending us messages were fake. If you thought you were going to meet women on Yummy Hookups and get laid you are wrong. This website is a blatant scam that has been designed for one reason to rip you off .

If you want to know the truth about YummyHookups watch the video review because it explains everything in detail and shows you all of the evidence you need to make the right choice. And don't forget to read the terms and conditions page because that's where they actually admit to creating false profiles and also hiring paid contractors who operate the fake  automated online accounts.

Front Page Of The Site

On the front page of the website before you are allowed to gain access to the site they wants you to agree "to receive Communications from computer-generated virtual profiles, targeted to my interest send by" This means that they want you to understand that they're using fictitious profiles on this bogus dating site. These fake profiles are computer-generated meaning they've been created by a computer software program. These profiles are virtual meaning they are not connected to any real person that you can actually meet for a date in real life. And if you don't agree to these terms by checking the box off you cannot gain access to the members area of the website. But as always most people aren't paying attention to the front fine print so they check off the box immediately without reading what's directly in front of them and then they wonder why they get scammed!

Bottom Of Every Page

On the bottom footer of every single page of this site it says "fictitious profiles may be used on the site to simulate activity." This evidence of them admitting to fabricating fake profiles is on every single page of the website, hundreds of pages all proving they use bogus profiles .

The Terms Page Proves This Site Is Completely Bogus

One of the best things you can do to save yourself from getting ripped off is to read the terms and conditions page of any dating service that you plan on using. Surprisingly the terms page is where most bogus dating sites confess to all of their fraudulent behavior. And in the case of Yummy Hookups we found the most proof of wrongdoing on their terms page. They admitted to using automated dating accounts and fictitious profiles on their website. They also confess that all the contents on these fake profile pages have been created by real persons that are probably employees of the website. Or these fake profiles could have been created by computer programs that automate the task of creating bogus dating profiles.

They state that the reason that they create these fake profiles is for "your amusement experiences to entertain you". Most people would rather interact with real women instead of being entertained with fake profiles. The real reason they create fictitious profile pages is because they use these fake profiles against you. They make it seem like their site has thousands of real local women seeking casual hookups when in fact all of the profiles are fictitious and have been fabricated by the websites owners.

They even have a term for the fake profiles that they are creating they call them "Digital Foxy". Any profile you look at you will see the text "Digital Foxy", found on the top right of every fake profile page.

Below We Have Included The Parts Of The Terms Page That Shows Their Fraudulent Behavior

"From time to time, while You use Our Services, You may interact with automated online accounts and/or false profiles, which all its content has been generated by either: a) real persons that have been only contracted or employed by Us for the purposes set-forth below; or/and b) by automated programs or scripts, which dialogues none really exist and have been generated exclusively by programming (Hereinafter, collectively referred to as "Automated Profiles").

10.2. The purpose of the implementation of Automated Profiles in Our Website is to enhance Your amusement experience and providing You with entertaining and conversational services, so You can be stimulated to use Our Services more extensively, for example, by helping You to intercommunicate better with other users which are actually real.

10.3. Please, note that any of the interactions made by Automated Profiles are the result of, in any manner, a natural person’s profile. These communications and contents may seem authentic, however, they shall be considered false.

10.4. According to the Bolstering Online Transparency Act or any other equivalent regulation that may be applicable, We have added the tag with the nickname "Digital Foxy" to all the Automated Profiles that are being used in Our Website, so You can clearly identify them."

Other Scam Sites Connected To This One

Other fake hookup sites using the same address as YummyHookups include,,,,,, and

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

You can email their customer service at [email protected]. This site is operated by Service Development Limited located at 6 Elpidas, Lakatamia, 2304, Nicosia, Cyprus . Their site is Their phone number is 73832359782 .

Final Statement

Yummy Hookups is not legitimate, the evidence is everywhere on the website if you know where to look. We've given you all the proof that we could find that this website is not a real dating service. We suggest you look elsewhere to meet real local women.

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