Shocking Review Proves The Site Is A Full Blown Fraud

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If you thought you were going to bang women by joining you are sorely mistaken. This website as you can see in the video review or the information provided below shows why it is a fraud. They openly admit to creating fictitious profiles. They openly admit that you cannot have real life encounters with the fictitious profiles that they have created. On their terms page they tell you that Usabangpalace "is not a dating platform". is a full-blown fraud and we strongly suggest you stay as far away as you can from this dating scam.

USA Bang Palace might look like a real website to meet local women because of how it's designed. But it didn't take us long to realize that the website is in fact a scam. The site admits to using something called "animators" who are actually paid employees that act as if they're interested in hooking up with you. And how the scam works is when you receive a message and you want to reply to it you need to purchase credits. The more messages you receive the more credits you burn through meaning you're spending more and more money speaking to paid employees of the website.

Sending messages isn't cheap costing anywhere from about a dollar up to a dollar fifty per message. When we joined the site we had over 100 messages. As you can see it adds up very quickly. The problem being of course is that you can't actually meet real women on the site because all the female profiles are fabricated and have been created by the employees of the website.

They even tell you on the front page it is not a dating site and physical meetings are not possible with the profiles! They tell you straight up that their website is not a dating site and you cannot meet the women behind the dating profiles. Of course you can't because all of the profiles have been fabricated and are 100% fictitious.

They actually call their website a "digital fantasy chat".They don't call it a dating service because all you can do is chat on the website with paid animators who string you along.

USA Bang Palace is a complete fraud. If you can't find real women on the site there's no point in joining it and no point in purchasing expensive credits to interact with non-existent local women!

The Terms Page Has Evidence That They Fabricate Imaginary Profiles

On their own terms and conditions page they openly confess and write the following: "…acknowledge that most of the profiles on the website or fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible." They are admitting in black and white that essentially all all the profiles on this website are phony. They tell us the reason they've created these fake dating profilest is to send messages to real users who join their website. And they even admit that you cannot have hookups, one night stands or any type of casual encounters with these profile pages. This is of course because the profiles are not real women that have joined the website and are looking for hookups. These dating profiles don't exist, the females in the profiles are not members of the website.

They even confess that their website is not a dating site it's a "digital fantasy service" which if you can read between the lines it means that it's a service where you can have fantasies online only, no real life hookups. And they admit to ithat  it's not their intention for you to have real-life meetups with other users on their website (USA Bang Palace). "The website is a digital fantasy service for adults. The profiles are provided for the entertainment of our users. It is not the intent of the website to establish real-life contact between users of the website."

On The Bottom Of Every Page They Admit They Use Fake Dating Profiles

On the bottom of every single page on this website they say that "the service profiles are fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible!" This information is hard to find and read (on purpose) because it's light grey text on a white background but they are confessing to their dirty little secret of manufacturing fictitious profile pages that are then pawned off as legitimate female members. Every female in the website isn't real. They have built a huge arsenal of a bogus female dating profiles that are used against you. Most men don't know that this website is a scam until it's too late. I need you in their website and they see all these different women that are supposedly local to them they think they've hit the jackpot but what they've actually is a fraudulent operation geared towards making ignorant man buy credits to interact with these nonexistent fictitious females

Contact Customer Support To Remove Your Account Etc:

You can contact support using their online form at: You can call the customer support number at 1 (646) 647-1467. Their email address is [email protected]. Their billing support website is:

Final Statement is a full-blown scam. From its Inception this website was designed and created to make money by trying to cheat as many men as they possibly can. Nothing is real about this website. Everything is imaginary from the profiles to any messages that you receive.

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