Review: You Can’t Meet Milfs On Milfme, It’s A Scam

my recommended site:👉 find real local mature women here is a scam. I know this for a fact because I joined the website and I was inundated with tons of messages from all these hot older local women. But there's only one problem, that problem is that women on the website are fake. The dating profiles have been created to lure you into purchasing a monthly membership on Milfme. I got over 15 emails from all types of hot older milfs and cougars but unfortunately it's all a sham. This type of dating scam has been going on for over ten years now with no end in sight and this site is just a reincarnation of thousands of other fictitious web sites that have been created to milk lonely men out of their hard-earned money. Watch the video review I did that will show you the truth about Milf Me.

On The Lower Part Of Every Page Of The Site

On every single page in the footer section which is the lower part of the web page they admit to using fake profiles. They also confess that having a real-life encounters, going on dates or casual hookups with these profiles is not possible. You can see the sentence below that we've included as evidence. That sentence in itself proves without any shadow of a doubt that this website is fictitious and the owners of the website created  this site not for bring people together but to manipulate you into purchasing credits on there fake milf dating site.

"…you will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world, although real meetings with them are not possible."

Getting Messages Immediately After Joining

One of the telltale signs of a scam is when you join a dating service and shortly after logging into the members are you start getting inundated with messages from women. We've already determined that the profiles on this website are virtual fictitious profiles, not legitimate local women looking for casual hookups. If their women are fake then who is sending these messages to us? And the answer is is responsible for sending us fictitious messages. These messages are most likely computer-generated or they could have employees writing messages to us it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we're getting phony messages from fictitious mature women. Both of these elements combined together are used as a marketing tactic to dupe us into trying to reply back to those messages from the non-existent women. But you can't respond to messages unless you purchase coins which is a form of a credit based system. This is how they make their money. They use fake profiles combined with fictitious messages to make real life money because you have to pay to reply back to messages on this website.

Unhappy Milfme Members Have Written Negative Reviews Online

A quick Google search Xs mobile (the company that owns and operates shows an average reading of 2.8 out of 5 stars. Online reviews state that there are using AI chatbots and that the profiles are fake.

One person said he used a photograph of Mel Gibson and he still received messages from women on the site. Obviously this just proves that they're using bots to send messages to male members on the site .

Other Scam Sites Connected To This One is operated by Xsmobile SP Z.O.O and is connected to other fake dating services such as

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

You can email their customer service at [email protected]. You can also use this online form

Final Statement

Your chances of finding real local milfs on this website are slim to none. How can you find any real women when all of the profiles are not legitimate members of the website. This website was built from the ground-up to rip you off. This website was not built for the benefit of it's members. The website was built to line the pockets of the shysters running this fraudulent operation. The smartest thing you can do is walk away from this website and never go back.

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