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BeDiscreet.com Sending Spam Emails

I hate receiving spam email but the emails make it look like you have actually registereted on their site and they suppply with login details, when I in fact I have never heard of or registered on the damn site! BeDiscreet.com tried to pull this type of spam on me, and I’m sure many guys fall for the spam. If a dating company has to report to sending out fake emails then don’t trust them. Never deal with web sites that have to spam people to get visitors to their web site. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name:
  • Email Address: support@alcuda.com
  • Scam Sites: BeDiscreet.com

1st Scam Email

From: support@alcuda.com
Subject: Welcome to BeDiscreet.com!
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Click here to login to
Thank you for joining BeDiscreet.com!

Your account should be activated by clicking the button below:
Click here to activate your account

If the button doesn’t work, simply select and copy URL below, go to http://bediscreet.com and paste it into your browser.

Here are your login details. Keep them safe.

Your email is: ******@gmail.com
(you can also use your Screenname to login)

Your password is: AxTEk9fy

Our web address is http://bediscreet.com

Contact us online and we will respond within 24 hours.

Best Regards,
Kelly Woods, Customer Service Representative

Your screenname: hoppolol5688       

Your password: AxTEk9fy

If you no longer wish to receive any emails from BeDiscreet.com, click here.
You can easily control which emails you receive from us. To change your email preferences click here.

© 2012 Alcuda (BeDiscreet.com), Office 22, 6 Tassou Papadopoulou, Nicosia, 2373 Cyprus”

Owner Of BeDiscreet.com

  • Name: Bulova Invest Ltd.
  • Phone: 35722030401
  • Address:  Sir Francis Drakes Highway, P.O. Box 3463 Road Town,  VG1110  VG
  • Email: bulovaltd@gmail.com

Where To File Complaints

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  1. Derek Tovey October 22, 2012 5:11 am Reply

    I wish to stop my payments. I do not know who you are or why I am paying but I have been paying for the last 2 months. I have not availed myself of your services because I do not know what they are. I would be pleased if you could expedite this request at the earliest opportunity.
    Regards, Derek Tovey.

    • admin October 22, 2012 8:12 am Reply

      contact BeDiscreet.com

      • Mark July 25, 2017 6:56 pm Reply

        Have a good evening in Virginia I love you and I want you to know how I can find you that’s why I’ll be calling you so if you get my message you can call me and then let me know where I can find you cuz I need you in my heart my phone number is 571-343-0421 I love you okay bye


        • admin August 1, 2017 8:09 am Reply

          Buddy it’s a scam don’t get ripped off.

  2. Steve July 29, 2013 5:35 am Reply

    Don’t waste your money…
    Hundreds of girls initially winked or hugged me (an invitation to chat) but none replied when I messaged them.
    I also noticed that a lot of girls who were supposedly living in my home town of Solihull (an affluent area close to Birmingham U.K.) had written profiles in broken English, I know that educational standards are dropping in England but not to that extent!!
    Additionally, although I had clearly stated that I only wanted contacts from girls (women) over 45, the majority that text-ed me were 20 something and wanted to sign me up to their saucy web cam service at an additional charge.
    I paid for my original weeks fee using my PAYG mobile phone but I suspect that if it was on contract or I had chosen to pay by debit card I would have had recurring payments taken for ever more…
    I was a fool and with hindsight I should have realised that there would never be that many girls within a 20 mile radius of my location looking for an illicit affair…
    I say again…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY…It’s a scam


  3. kungfu26 July 29, 2013 8:11 am Reply

    By the way. Natasha, Amber, Ellie, Michelle, Sarah Miller…..all scams. Man I’m gullible!!!!!! Ha ha!

  4. Jake November 22, 2013 5:44 pm Reply

    I never even intended to join an adult site like this. I was spammed on my app called meetme. Although I joined anyways but withought the knowledge of knowing what it was! Now I just get theis stupid emails that I know arnt real and I wish for the site to delete my profil NOW!!

  5. Ken March 23, 2014 4:05 pm Reply

    Heh. A couple of years ago I got spam from fat flirt.com in a garbage email account I have. As a joke I put in profile with a phony location (Texarkana). Two weeks ago I got mail from bbwsweety.com. Both of those are Bulova-Alcuda sites, and the Web sites look exactly the same. I did the same thing, except I put in a different location (Columbus).

    Guess what – I get tons of email messages and chat requests from women (I can’t respond, of course, because I haven’t paid). But if I look at the profiles I find that many/most of the women are exactly the same women on both sites, EXCEPT that they say in one profile they’re from the Texarkana area and in the other they’re from the Columbus area! (And then there’s at least one from Louisville.)

    Both sites say they have 13 million members, a preposterous number. But look at this, from their Terms and Conditions:
    “8.6 Alcuda LTD, at its own discretion, may induce or let you be addressed by one or more Primary Profiles (“PP”, “PPs”) as one of its “Primary Profile” special characteristics. A Primary Profile may correspond to an Alcuda LTD employee or an Alcuda LTD affiliate or an automated system character developed by Alcuda LTD. Any information included in a PP does not refer to any real person, and is added to the Website for enjoyment and Users’ entertainment only. PPs are created specifically to diverse and improve your online experience by, for instance, engaging in conversations with other Users, by familiarizing with existing or new features of the Service, or by inspiring an active participation on the Website. PPs may also serve for User’s activities and communications control in order to ensure the conformity with these Terms.
    In case of User’s response to PP the User may occasionally receive one or more further interactions from such kind of PPs. Any contact between you and PP is aimed at entertainment and enjoyment only. Any point included in this section doesn’t intend to provoke any right to, or expectation of, any interaction between Users and PPs.
    You confirm that you understand, your any interaction with a PP takes comply with these terms. By accepting these terms, you thus authorize Alcuda LDT to use or allow one or more PPs to interact with you by means of the Alcuda LTD Services.”

    They actually TELL YOU they’re using phony profiles, and you can’t complain about it! I imagine those who pay money don’t bother to read through all that beforehand.

  6. Alex July 22, 2014 8:45 pm Reply

    HUGE SCAM!!!! Do not. I repeat do not sign up for this site. I did… Unfortunately i bought a 3 day trial pass. It only cost me a few bucks. At first chicks were messaging me. I quickly realised they were fake accounts trying to get me to go to other sites and sign up on them to. Unknowingly i ended up losing $45 bucks before i realised they kept charging my card for no reason. I went to delete my account and went through a few steps to finally come to a page that said to delete your account ring this number. So i tried to ring it. It said that i couldn’t reach the number even though it was a number for the country i am in. So i emailed them. Again i highly doubt that they will get back to me. I ended up having to block my credit card and get a new one costing me another $15. This site is nothing more than a SCAM!!! Whatever you do if you are wanting to join a dating site of any kind do your research first. I tried to by googling info about bediscreet and it came up with http://www.scamadviser.com/is-bediscreet.com-a-fake-site.html unfortunately scam advisor said that the site was trustworthy so i signed up and ended up losing money. Basically i can’t delete my account from the site and am out 60 bucks.

  7. Fester Bestertester March 31, 2015 1:07 pm Reply

    FTC rules against first online dating service for using fake profiles to push premium service
    JDI Dating Ltd., an England-based company, will be paying $616,165 as part of a settlement announced Wednesday for using fake profiles to encourage consumers to buy subscriptions. The company was also charged for not being clear how a consumer could cancel their subscription, and charging for renewals without consent.
    BY Michael Sorrentino NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
    Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 8:12 PM

    The Federal Trade Commission has ruled against its first online dating service for using fake, computer-generated dating profiles to encourage consumers to pay up for premium memberships.
    The only indication that the pictured profile is a fake is a small ‘v’ encircled by a ‘C’ pointed out by the FTC here with an arrow.

    The Federal Trade Commission has ruled against its first online dating service for using fake, computer-generated dating profiles to encourage consumers to pay up for premium memberships.

    JDI Dating Ltd., an England-based company, will instead be paying $616,165 as part of a settlement, and will be prohibited from using the fake profiles the FTC announced Wednesday.

    “JDI Dating used fake profiles to make people think they were hearing from real love interests and to trick them into upgrading to paid memberships,” said Jessica Rich, the agency’s director for the bureau of consumer protection in an announcement. “Adding insult to injury, users were charged automatically to renew their subscriptions — often without their consent.”

    According to the FTC’s complaint the company’s dating websites, such as Flirtcrowd.com and Findmelove.com, do not outline anywhere that their premium subscriptions automatically renew at the end of a chosen term and do not disclose further charges to a consumer unless they take steps to cancel their subscription. The packages disclosed in the complaint ranged from $22.72 for a month-to-month plan up to $101.04 for a 12-month plan. Canceling required a 48-hour notice, which was reported to be buried in a “Terms and Conditions” section that consumers were not required to read during the enrollment process.

    Free membership allowed for setting up a profile and limited communication to other users. The complaint, however, reports that free members are often lured into signing up for a premium subscription by being told that they have received communication from fake “Virtual Cupid” profiles, luring them to pay to see these messages.

    “The profiles of these Virtual Cupids frequently contain photographs and personal information mimicking real people, and the Virtual Cupids often appear to reside in the same geographic area as the consumer,” the complaint says.

    The only indication that consumers were given to designate these profiles as fakes were a small “v” encircled by a “C,” which the FTC says would be very easy to misunderstand as a real person.

    The FTC is encouraging anyone with a complaint about an online dating site to report it to the agency at ftc.gov/complaint.

  8. Fester Bestertester March 31, 2015 2:53 pm Reply

    How many domain names do each of these
    umbrella corporations run as PAY dating sites?
    Bulova Investments Ltd. operate?
    Nautell capital limited

    If you Google those umbrella company names
    you get dozens and dozens but I suspect the
    list may reach into hundreds of domain names
    for each one, all using “virtual cupids”, shills,
    robots or fake users to con people into paying
    for worthless subscriptions using CREDIT CARDS.

    I refuse to pay for any dating site
    using my credit card numbers.

    Some dating sites claim to need the
    credit card numbers for age verification.
    You DO know that is a LIE don’t you?
    Credit card numbers do not confirm age.

    Most of the time they notify me of winks messages
    it is romance scammers from Nigeria/Ghana/
    South Africa and Russia that they quickly kill off.
    The Nigerian mugus commonly use names like
    TextMe3125551212 which are quickly killed off
    but after email notification.
    The phone numbers commonly have area codes
    different from where the person is supposed to be
    and if you do a reverse lookup they tend to trace
    to LANDLINES that handle text as a business service.

    I’ve scambaited lots of mugus and I like to get them
    to the point where they say where and how they want
    the money delivered. Then I ask them if they wear a
    dress when they hide behind a stolen photo and pose
    as a woman. Sometimes I ask them if their manhood
    shrinks when they pose as a woman.
    I’ve made some mugus very angry!

    Some of the romance scammers are very good at it!
    The Russian ones seem to be more into collecting
    massive amounts of tiny personal details to aggregate, too.
    I normally avoid all international come ons, but still
    get a few russian ones, and on the second email
    one volunteered her birthday and asked mine.
    (Probably volunteered random date, hoping to
    get my real one which might help for ID or
    credit card fraud.)

    Chemistry is also full of fake profiles working for the site
    to con free users into paying.
    Each time an internal or external fake winks or sends
    an email inside of one of those sites it generates
    an email notification that somebody is interested.

    This works to the sites benefit by conning some people
    into paying to subscribe.

    In the long run of course it will NOT work
    to their advantage because people will
    eventually find out the site is full of fake
    profiles (internal shills) or scammer profiles.

    On Chemistry.com I have twice had my profile
    “taken over” to be used by an insider shill/scammer.
    They uploaded a different photo the first time!
    Profile details were altered to be false but more
    appealing to women. Height changed to be taller,
    income changed to richer, divorced changed to
    widowed, etc.

    The first time somebody took it over I thought I had a breach.
    The second time I decided it was site staff.

    I will NEVER give any dating site my credit card number!

    If you wonder why people use FAKE photos, they might
    not ALL be scammers. Why would I want to give the
    scammers, data aggregators and ID thieves my actual
    photo? Not to mention stalkers!

    Has anybody else figured out that entering credit card numbers really does not verify your age?
    Now WHY do you suppose they might want your
    credit card numbers? Hmm? LOL

    POF is free to use so it would be nice
    except the rich head honcho and his
    staff have unwritten unstated rules
    against contacting anybody with
    more than a few years age difference.

    He married a younger Russian woman himself! LOL

    • admin April 3, 2015 7:39 am Reply

      Thanks for the info Fester. Those organizations run countless sites but use at most 10-15 at anyone time. Once a site has been pushed they will eventualy retire it and use a fresh dating site to start the same scams once again.

  9. anon May 15, 2015 11:41 am Reply

    so i have used online dating sites since the internet started and have noted a number of changes.
    the early ones were bulletin board based and just liike the newspaper personals column. simple and to the point.
    then we moved on to simple graphical types with passport style bitmaps profile pics. think 644×480 Tagged and you’re in the right place. then we had the cuseeme kind of site which was mutual cam sharing.. Again you alwats got the impression that if you did find someone that they woudl be equally truely looking for discreet cam or one on one fun.
    Very little use of electronic payment.
    roll forward to aropund 2000 and Adultfrined finder was the big place to meet and play. ANd now you had to pay to see detail and make contact. Udate was also good in the early days. They mostly kep t their own databases. However when whitelabel dating created and marketed their adult revenue platform they began to create a huge database of people.
    They woudl have a branded frontend for example “goat herd lovers” and so people who seek a goat herd signup for a free account. get asked to populate their details and those details are used to filter potential contacts. Also the data is entered into a master whitelabel database Someone else is looking for milk maids so ditto and their data is treated similarly.SO by trawling their database for anyone over 50 they can create a new brand around that. So more and more people sign up to more and more desire specific sites.
    The whitelabel back end bulks out results with geographically flexible contacts. So if you log onto multiple sites with differing email; addresses and different location you can see the same profiles listed as potentials in your new bogus location.
    So you sign up to reaslise that you only can really get access and a reply from probably 5% of the listed women.
    We have been well and truely monetized.

  10. henry seibel February 6, 2016 7:59 pm Reply

    Never did upgrade.


  11. Ian April 1, 2017 6:01 pm Reply

    Want to get disconnected from your site .


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