Review: Is A Scam That Redirects People To IFlirts A Huge Scam

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is a scam. The website is used to redirect people to a dating scam called We've already done a review on I Flirts and there's nothing real about this website at all, everything is fake from beginning to end. Single Flirt might look like a place to find real women but it's the exact opposite. Since is connected to that's all you really need to know. Both websites are partnered together to rip you off. What's fake about this website? Everything, including all of the profiles in the website, all of the messages you receive and any interactions that you come across. The website is like a rigged Casino in which the house always wins. might look like it real. It even has images of hot looking girls on the homepage of the website. Unfortunately it's missing one major factor that makes it a scam and that is women. SingleFlirt has no real female members on it at all. The website working in conjunction with IFlirts do everything in their power to mislead you into buying a useless membership on their bogus service.

Single Flirt gives the impression that you can meet women easily on the website. But after our investigative analysis we found out this website is not trustworthy at all. Anytime you start getting large amounts of messages on a dating site when you haven't even filled out your profile page that's a huge red flag that the website is not legitimate!

Another time when we visited Single Flirt we were redirected to another dating scam called This website caters to people interested in role-playing, foot fetish and other not so vanilla categories. redirected us to ExtremeChat where we had to create an account on the website. Shortly thereafter we started getting email messages from supposed local women. But we've been down this road many times and we know this is not real. It seems to appear that Extreme Chat is responsible for creating fictitious profiles that are then used to send men who join the website computer-generated instant messages and email messages. And of course if we try to reply to the messages we can't until we purchased coins. This is how they get you to send fake messages and in order for you to interact with the messages you need to buy coins, and then they make a profit off of scamming you. It's all so predictable.

Final Statement

You cannot trust The owners behind this website are using it to funnel people to dating scams. Nothing good can come from joining the website. We strongly urge you to walk away, close your browser and never visit this bogus dating service ever again.

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