Iflirts.com Review: Is Iflirts A Scam Or Legitimate? This Review Tells You The Truth

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You can join Iflirts.com with a free membership. The only problem is sometimes even when something is free to join it still isn't worth your time. Iflirts it's not a legitimate website, it's a fictitious fake dating service that is nothing more than a scam. I Flirts admits that their website has fake dating profiles. They admit that you cannot meet up with the fake dating profiles on the website. I joined the website and within minutes I had five messages waiting for me. This is all part of their elaborate scam to make money off of you. They know that when men join their fake dating website and start getting inundated with message after message eventually a large portion of the male members will succumb and buy coins to interact with these women. The problem is most of these women are not legitimate dating profiles but in fact scams on Iflirts.

The website is full of hot looking girls but at the end of the day if none of them are real women who want to hookup what's the point of joining the website? And the answer is of course there is no point, it's a complete waste of your time and your money. I suggest you stay away from Iflirts.com.

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