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You can't have the opportunity to meet up with women on because it's all a fraud with a phony chat service connected with it. The website is bursting at the seams with fictional dating profiles. There are no real female members on the website. The fake profiles are operated by employees who work on behalf of SearchingForSingles. And their whole duty is to get you to spend as much money as possible on the website. The more money you spend the more money the owners of this phony date site make.

A lot of people have complained about Searching For Singles and how it's a scam. There's lots of negative reviews about this website all over the internet all you just have to do is search.

We were a member on this website for under 2 minutes and guess what we already received three messages waiting for me. This is a huge indicator of a scam, when you start getting messages immediately after joining a website. On real websites the men are the one ones that are chasing the women but on fake hookup sites women are the ones messaging the men. On websites that are not legitimate (in my opinion) you will become inundated and bombarded with message after message after message. The reason being is you need to pay to interact with these females on the website, It's all about money. And when you start trying to reply to bogus messages you're receiving you will need to upgrade. The price to send messages is about $3.00 to reply these messages.

And why are these women contacting us? We didn't even upload a photograph but we still got messages from these different women who want to get to know me. It makes zero sense until you realize it's all a ploy to dupe men into spending as much money as possible. Why would these women want to contact some random guy who doesn't have any pictures in his profile? Why would I get three women within minutes of joining the website contacting me? You have to ask yourself and it doesn't make any sense because of course this isn't real. is an illusion making it appear to look like a legit dating service when in fact it's all a facade. They're using automated software bots to send people computer generated messages. This site is a trap that targets it's male members, watch out. Men think they've hit the jackpot but what they've actually is a fraudulent operation geared towards making ignorant man buy credits to interact with these nonexistent fictitious females.

Updated Information Below

We Have Received 51 Bogus Messages So Far

So far we have received 51 messages. In order for us to reply to all of the messages that we received it would cost us a minimum of a dollar per message. So we would be sending spending $43 to reply to those messages. But there's no point replying to any messages on the website because the website is a hoax. This is not a legitimate place to find any real local women.

This website is using some kind of automated system to send people messages. We've come across this type of software before on other dating services. Unfortunately all the messages that we received are guaranteed to be fake and coming from non-existent female members. The speed at which we received messages was alarming. Within minutes of joining the website even without uploading a photograph to our profile page we were still able to get 51 messages at the time of writing this review. The number of messages will continue rising exponentially since the chat messages are all automated.

Since this credit based system works on how many messages you send to people the amount of money you can spend on this website as astronomical. This is why the website continues bombarding you with messages constantly. They want you to spend all of your money replying to messages. The more messages you reply to the more money that the owners of this website will make.

Expensive To Chat With Faux Profiles

It's not cheap to chat with imitation female profiles. The prices to chat with people on the website starts from $0.90 per message all the way up to a $1.20 message depending on the package you purchase. Remember that we we're inundated with 51 messages from non-existent, fictitious females. This is the holy grail of their fraudulent operation. This is why the website exists. They do everything in their power to mislead you for one reason and that is to take your money away from you. But they do it they have to do it in the stealth manner, with fake profiles, and automated messages. Then when you pull your credit card and purchase credits to send messages back and forth they got you. If we were to reply to all the messages that we received it would cost us about $45.90! And remember the messages nevfer stop so if you don't know any better you can spend endless amounts of money on this site.

Terms Page Proves It's A Hoax has incriminating evidence on their terms page. They state that their website is "a platform for users and premium members to communicate with the profiles and it is not intended to be used for physical meetings." They create this dating service but it is not to be used for meeting up with people for physical encounters. Isn't that the whole point of using a dating service, to meet up with women for casual hookups?

Apparently You Can't Sue Them In Any Type Of Class Action Law Suite

If you're thinking of going after this site for deceptive business tactics we just found in the terms and conditions page that when you join the site you have to agree to a "class action waiver". This means that you cannot go after the website with other individuals and sue them for damages that may have resulted from you joining the website. So the owners of are allowed to use fake profiles and send you bogus messages all day long but if you want to fight back you're not allowed according to them.

Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc:

You can call the customer support number to delete your membership at 1 (888) 654-4513. Their email address is [email protected]. You can contact them through their support site

Final Statement is clearly a fraud. Any time you join a website and you start immediately getting messages from women that's a huge red flag that the site is a scam. But this website even admits to it on our terms page, so this case is closed. This website is proven with evidence found on their own website to be fraudulent.

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