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This review is to expose this website for being a scam, it's not a real place to find real women. This can be easily proven with information available right on the homepage of Remember looks can be deceiving. And if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. When you look at the homepage it looks like an authentic website. It has images of attractive looking women but with many things in life looks can be deceiving.

On the homepage while you're at registering and before you are able to gain access to the members area of the website you need to agree to the terms which includes understanding that "communications from computer-generated profiles, targeted to my interests sent by LustfulMeets" What does all this mean? It means that they will be sending you messages from fake profiles AKA "computer-generated virtual profiles", not real profiles of women who joined the website. You will only receive messages from bogus profile pages.

If you dig deeper and spend the time to read the terms and conditions page this is where all the golden nuggets are. In section 3.5 of the terms and conditions page they state the following: "From time to time, while You use Our Services, You may interact with automated online accounts and/or false profiles, which all its content has been generated by either: a) real persons that have been only contracted or employed by Us for the purposes set-forth below; or/and b) by automated programs or scripts, which dialogues none really exist and have been generated exclusively by programming (Hereinafter, referred to as "Automated Profiles")."

Fake Female Profiles Created By The Site

The people behind Lustful Meets confess to creating and using fictitious profiles. And they state that you could interact with these automated fake profiles. They also admit that the content in those pretend profiles is all faux.  Nothing is real when it comes to women on this website. The photographs that you're looking at on the profile pages are either copied, purchased in bulk or stolen from social media sites and other web sites across the internet. Once they have thousands of photographs of attractive looking women they then create fictitious profile pages. Everything is a lie on these pages. The age, location, interests and everything else is not real. It's all used to manipulate you into believing there are thousands of local women looking for casual encounters when this is not true at all.

Paid Employees & 3rd Party Contractors Chat With You

They even admit to hiring people including employees and third-party contractors. These people are employed to be actors. They act like they're interested in you. They hide behind the bogus profile pages of attractive looking women and they pretend that they are these women. It's a very devious and soulless scam. They reply to your messages misleading you into believing you can meet up with them. These employees and contractors operating multiple fake female profiles at the same time and interact with multiple male members at once, sending and replying to messages. It's all a facade.

Contact Customer Support

You can contact their customer support using the following methods. [email protected] or online support form.

Final Statement

There is nothing real about LustfulMeets. You can't meet any of the women in person because all the profiles are fabricated. The website is full of fictitious profiles which gives you no chance to meet up with anyone.

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