Review: Red Alert That Isn’t Real, It’s All Fake & A Huge Fraud

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here shouldn't be trusted. In their own documents on their terms and conditions page they openly admit that they have operators and online animators that interact with you. These are people who are paid to chitchat with you and string you along. Their only job is to get you to spend money on their fake hookup service.

This service is as fake as they come. The profiles are completely fabricated. And the people you're chatting with via their online messaging system are actually paid to chat with you and manipulate you into purchasing "coins" to chat with them.

Over 100 Messages From Pretend Female Profiles

 One of the things that really shocked us about Flirt Me is how bold they are with their fraud. As of writing this review we received over 100 messages from female profiles, truly shocking. If you didn't know any better you would think that this was awesome, you have over a hundred different women to hook up with. But unfortunately we're dealing with a fake hookup site of course. These messages are used to pull at your heart strings and get you to buy credits on the website. 100 women did not contact our profile looking for casual hookups or relationships. It's all completely contrived.

The website uses different tactics to send out these messages. The first method is to use a software program called a computer software bot. A bot is used to send people automatically created messages with no human involvement. This means these messages are being automatically sent by a computer software program. There is no real female writing a flirty message to us. It's all a facade. They also use paid employees to write and respond to messages on the website. Both tactics are deceptive and used to entice men into using their service more.

Another thing we need to add is it interacting, communicating and send messages to women on the website is not free. And the more messages you receive and reply to the more money it will cost you. This is the reason why we've gotten so many messages because they want us to spend as much money as we possibly can so they can make as much money as they possibly can.

Fake "Likes" From Bogus Women

Other tricks they use is with the "likes" on the website. A like is when someone views your profile and click the like button (the same as on Facebook, Instagaram etc.) signifying that they are interested in you or think you're attractive. We received over 60 likes on the website even though the profile that we filled out for this investigation was left empty. We didn't upload any photographs of ourself and we didn't fill out any of the personal information. But miraculously over 60 different women on the website hit the like button signifying that they're interested in our profile. Is this real-life? No! What's really going on here is a computer bot is making it appear as if all of these fictitious women are interested in us.  This is just another dirty trick to get us to use their fake hookup site more. The more we use their website the better chance that we end up purchasing credits, and then the website owners will make money off of us.

Their Terms Page Has Proof Of Employees Running Fake Female Profiles

One of the best areas of the website to find proof of how the website is really being operated is the terms and conditions page. We found one paragraph (see the paragrapgh below) where they admit to what's really going on. They admit that they use "professional animators and operators to entertain their users". People are paid to manipulate you and deceive you and pretend to be interested in you. They sit at computer desks and pretend to be the women on the fake profile pages. You might think you're interacting with a hot blond who lives 5 miles away from you but in reality it could be some guy living in the Philippines pretending to be the blond.

From the terms page: "AppsPartner uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal."

They even admit that you cannot have real dates or even any form of relationship with these paid operators. All you can do is send them messages on the website. How can you possibly meet fake women in person when they don't even exist? You can't!

Images Of The Women On Their Profiles Aren't Real

We can't stress enough that the photographs that you're looking at of female members aren't real. Of course these are real people it's just that these women have not actually created dating profiles on FlirtMe. These photographs have been copied or taken from other websites and then employees who work for have created fictitious profile pages and then use these photographs on them. You are not interacting with real local women from your community, this is all a psyop.

Other Scam Sites Connected To This One is operated by AppsPartner B.V Looskade 20 6041LE Roermond Netherlands and is connected to other fake dating services such as

How To Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

You can email their customer service at . You can also use this online form .

Final Statement

Your chances of finding real local women on this website are slim to none. How can you find any real women when all of the profiles are not legitimate members of the website. This website was built from the ground-up to rip you off. This website was not built for the benefit of it's members. The website was created to line the pockets of the shysters running this fraudulent operation. The smartest thing you can do is walk away from this website and never go back. Flirt Me is a massive scam that should be investigated by law enforcement!

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