Review: Please Be Aware That Isn’t Real, It’s A Scam Site 🚨

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is a scam. The website openly brags about how they create fictitious profiles and how you cannot physically meet up with the profiles in person. There's more than enough evidence in this video review. If you want to know the truth about AlwaysFlirts watch the video that I did right now so you can see what's really going on.

Always Flirts was built from the ground-up to rip off as many men as possible. The website wasn't created with the intent of bringing real people together. They themselves admit to creating fictitious profiles and these profiles are specifically fake female profiles. There are no real women on this website, all of the female profiles are fabricated and used to lure men into purchasing credits in order to interact with the fake female profiles. This video review explains everything in detail.

We checked a few review sites and overall people have given a rating of 1.5 out of 5 star ratings with 47 reviews.

One reviewer wrote that:

"You have to keep buying coins without any date or exchanging a phone number. The operators are chatting and pretending to basically be real women. It is an absolute rip off on several occasions I purchased unlimited weekend coins only to have them expire the next morning fortunately I paid with my credit card.

Another reviewer wrote:

"If you read this do not do business with these people. My experience with Always Flirts cost me $400 that went down the drain. All they can offer is plenty of fake messages to entice you into paying. How do you really know who you're talking to on this website. uses paid operators (employees who operate the phony profle pages) to talk to you, they might be behind multple profiles. Why waste money when all you're doing is chatting to a picture. You don't know if that's a real girl that you're chatting with in the picture.

Another reviewer says:

"it's a money-grabbing scam site stay clear". He goes on to state that "I have to agree with most people's experience on the website. It seems to have a huge number of phony profiles." He says "not one female member ever mentioned future meetups for just the coffee. Chatting costs about £88 for 12 replies. Stay clear or you will get rinsed and never ever get to meet any of these so-called potential dates in a million years."

This Reviewer Writes:

"The profiles are fake. They just want you to chat there on the site about irrelevant things. One message will cost you two lb. You have to keep buying points but you will never have a date or exchange phone numbers. The website has people pretending to be real women. This is an absolute rubbish site. Do not pay."

This is what we've been saying all along is the dating site is full of fake profiles and you cannot meet any of the women on the website ever. This website is not intended to have real life encounters or actual in person dating.

Another review:

"This reviewer says don't do it! This site is a scam. You can talk with these ladies 24 hours 7 days a week for weeks on end and make absolutely no progress at all. They will tell you things like I just feel safe chatting and here or this site lets me be discreet. The women do not want to meet in person. The site just tries to get you to buy coins and waste all of your money. It would be better if they allowed you to buy unlimited coins per month but the site I want you to spend as much money"

Final Statement

As you can see many people are unhappy with the website there are hundreds more negative reviews. The smartest thing you can do is learn from other people's mistakes so you don't make have to make costly mistakes like these people did.

Always Flirts is like a front. The site looks real but the intent of the website is basically just to steal money from you. You have absolutely no chance in hell of meeting any real girls on the website. How can you when all of its a facade, it's completely fabricated and totally fake!

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