Review Shows It’s All Just A Scam

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SluttyMatches looks like a real website, and a place where you can meet women in person. They state that the website is safe and secure and you can meet your matches using their search parameters. They basically gloat about how great their website is. But is that truly what's going on here? Can you trust it? is another website that you should be careful with. Although the website claims it's a place to match up with local sluts we beg to differ. The website doesn't look real in our opinion. And in the video review that we did we found many profiles using pictures of attractive women that are escorts or adult movie stars. These are not real women looking for hookups.Their photographs have been stolen from other sites and then fake profiles have been created around the images of these attractive women.

They create fake profiles using images stolen, copied or purchased on the internet. Then they build a fake profile page, complete with fake location, phony age, and all other fictitious information. They do this over and over again until they have 1000s of fake female profiles on the website.Unknown to male users is that these women aren't really members of the website.

We're not sure if the website is responsible for creating these fake profiles or random individuals. But usually the website is responsible for creating these type of fake profiles. It is strongly suggested that you not use this website. But of course the choice is yours. Watch the video review to see what we uncovered about Slutty Matches.

This website preys on lonely individuals, is not legitimate. By fabricating fake profiles they lure men into purchasing completely useless memberships because you can't meet any of the women in person. There is no point purchasing a monthly membership when you can't meet anyone in real life.

Paying To Get Scammed

The worst part about this fraud is that you have to pay to use their website. That's like paying someone to lie to you, what's the point? Obviously they camouflage the real intentions of the website so you think you're interacting with real women and the website is on the up-and-up. This website was created for one reason and that's to scam as many people as they possibly can. This is not a dating site, it's a fraudulent business from start to finish. Why bother paying a monthly recurring subscription to get cheated and lied to?

Bogus Messages

After you join SluttyMatches you'll get chat messages in a few minutes. The messages look like they're coming from women on the website but the truth is the chat messages are not legitimate. These are what you would call "promoted messages" that are discussed in the terms page. These messages are automatically generated using a computer software program. The purpose of them sending computer-generated messages is because they want you to reply back to the message at which time you will need to purchase an upgraded monthly membership.

Updated Info

It has come to our attention after writing this review that is using sneaky tricks to mislead and rip people off. The newest tactic we just found out about is their "age verification" scam. This works by making people who go to their website believe that they need to submit their credit card information to verify their over the age of 18. All of this is a hoax and a scam. What actually does end up happening is you are charge $30.99 after a seven-day trial. On top of that you get another 10 day free trial for the amount of $30.57. Both of those charges will renew every month until you realize that you're being charged and you cancel those charges. On top of that you got another charge of $123.00 per month. If you add up all those charges and works out to be over $163 per month for something that they said was completely free just to verify your age!

We also notice that you get redirected from other sites including one called, which is another scam connected to Both are con jobs that you should stay away from.

Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Account Etc

 You can email their support service at :[email protected]. Their phone number is +33 97108 281 .

Final Statement

Final statement on this website is that it's a scam using it will not benefit you whatsoever. It will make your life worse, you will waste money and you will not meet any women or have any real-life encounters at all. This website should be seized by the FBI and shut down for fraudulent business practices. What they're doing is illegal and people should not stand for it. We strongly urge you to read their terms if you plan on using their site.

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