Review It’s A Fake Hookup Site With Fictitious Profiles

my recommended site:👉 meet real women here is a fraud. I recorded a video and I show everything in it. I give you all the evidence to prove to why this dating site is not legitimate all, it is in fact a total fraud. The website has been created only to rip you off, you can never meet any real people on the site. All the profiles are fake! This is all admitted to directly from the owners of the website on their terms and conditions page, the front page of the site and also throughout their website.

Only Bang Book is an open fraud at this point. The website openly admits that they use phony profiles directly on their own website on their terms agreement page. They openly admit that most of the profiles on the website are infact fake! And these profiles have been created exclusively to exchange messages with real users. Then they go on to admit real-life meetings with these fake profiles are not possible.

They even admit that they automatically create messages that are sent to their users. There is absolutely nothing legitimate about this website, it's there to scam you anyway you look at it. The website itself was built for one reason to rip off as many people as they can find gullible enough to purchase monthly memberships on their bogus hook-up site. Don't trust Onlybangbook!

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