Review: My Analysis Of Proves They Use “Online Emissaries” AKA Fake Profiles

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here gives the impression that you can "meet someone tonight". They guarantee that you will "meet singles and possibly meet up as early as tonight". This is all lies. What you're looking at with Hookup Hive is a full-blown scam that wants your credit card information. This review explains it all.

As soon as we created our account for we were redirecting to another page ( where they wanted our credit card information. They say it's to verify that were over 18, no charge they say. But is that really the case? From the looks of it that's not true. They're actually blatantly lying. You actually get charged $49.99 per month until you cancel your membership that you are enrolled in without your consent. This is what is called an age verification scam. This is where they use the excuse that they need to verify your age to ask for your credit card information. The reason they ask for your credit card information in reality is so they can charge your credit card. In this circumstance they charge your credit card $49.99 per month which is a recurring monthly charge. Even though they say it's 100% free lifetime membership that will enable you to contact all members, do live webcam chat and view all profilesunfortunately it's all lies.

Read The Terms Page

If you take the time to read the terms and conditions page (which most people don't) you will soon realize that this website was created to rip off anyone who is ignorant enough to fall for this nonsense. In section 14 of the terms and conditions page they admit that HookupHive "utilizes virtual profiles that do not correspond to actual members." This means that the owners of the website are creating fictitious profile pages and they openly state that these are not real members of the website.

They also admit that they employ people including third-party contractors that communicate with you. These employees and contractors get paid to lie to you. These people are professional liars and they say absolutely anything to get you to communicate with them. Why do they do this? It's because in order to use the service you need to buy a membership. And the more people they trick into purchasing a monthly membership the more money they make. So these employees and contractors will lie to you all day long if you let them.

I wouldn't trust I did a video review and I uncovered everything that you need to know that proves that this website is a scam. Hookup Hive uses something called "online emissaries" which are fake profiles. When you join this site you think you have a shot at meeting the women in the photos but in fact all of the profiles have been fabricated by the website owners.

Online Emissary Program

There is also a full-page that we found where they discuss everything thats fake about their website. They call this the online the "Emissary program". They admit that they're online Emissary program uses fake dating profiles that are not actual members of They then admit that the online Emissary program could be an avatar or also a  synthespian which is a computer-generated person. Both of these different terms mean that they use fictitious dating profiles on the website. You are not interacting with real local females who want to hook up with you.

Another shocker is that they even have paid employees and third-party contractors who operate the online Emissary program which includes hiding behind the fictitious female profiles and sending people messages as well as replying to messages on Hookup Hive.

They also mention that you can turn off any messages from the fake profiles that they are responsible for fabricating by emailing their support team at . How ridiculous is this? They create a fake dating site, with fake profiles and send people fake messages. And, if you don't want to get those fake messages you have to go out of your way sifting through the fine print on random pages on their website to figure out how to contact their website to tell them to stop emailing you phony messages. This is beyond ridiculous!

Contact Customer Support To Cancel Your Subscription On HookupHive

If you want to cancel your subscription to you can go to their support page. You can also call their support phone number at 1-866-717-4863. And you can email them using this email address: [email protected].

Final Statement

There is absolutely no point wasting your time creating an account on Hook up Hive. It's just one massive scam used to trick you into believing your interacting with real women but in fact they're all fake. Watch my video review for my deep analysis of why this website is a scam. You can see all the proof for yourself. This site is built on lies and deception and has been easily proven.

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