Isn’t Free, It’s All Just A Con Job

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With a name like you would think that you can hook up with women for free. But it's all just an Illusion to mislead you. There's actually nothing free on this website. And in actuality the website is a blatant fraud that asks for your credit card to "verify you're over 18" they say. From that point they state that your credit card will not be charged and it's simply to make sure you are of legal age. But of course they're lying through their teeth and your credit card does actually get charged. If you watch the video review we expose it all. The review breaks it down piece by piece so you know exactly how FreeSexHookup works to rip you off.

After you create your "free" account on you are redirected to is where the scam starts. They call this a "secure verification page" that doesn't cost you anything, but all of this is a lie. They ask for your credit card information and they say there is no charge. But on that same page, on the right hand side of the page they state that you are charged $39.99, a recurring monthly charge from a website called Find My Forever Mate (

*FYI, charges made to your credit card will appear under " (855) 452-4592", operated by Glondon Limited, an eCommerce Merchant located in Cyprus.

They're trying to get your credit card information so they can charge you a monthly fee to access their scam dating site. Don't let them do it. Nothing good can come from visiting the site. The best thing you can do is walk away from

For almost all reviews that we do we get access to the members area so we can do an investigation. But in this particular case which is very rare we cannot get free access to the members area unless we give these people our credit card information to verify we're over 18. Obviously we're not going to give them our credit card information because they'll charge it $39.99 per month until we cancel that recurring charge. So all we can say is don't give these people your credit card information and do not even bother wasting any more time on this website at all.

Terms Of Use Prove It's All A Scam

On the terms page they admit that individual profiles, messages and communications may not be genuine. They going to state that some user profiles maybe fictitious. This website is a full ffledged scam, it's a waste of your time to even visit it. Nothing good can come from joining this website from what we can see. It's all bogus and fake.

Final Statement might look real from the distance but as soon as you scratch the service it's one of the most ridiculous scams we've ever seen. Any website that asks for your credit card information right off the bat without even letting you browse the members area is an in-your-face scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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