Is Not Legitimate, This Investigation Proves It

my recommended site:👉 find real local women here is a hoax, this is not a real website where you can meet any real women in the UK. This fake hookup site contains fictitious profiles and we can prove it. There is a notice on the front page that states the following: "The purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and contain fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles." They are openly admitting that the site has phony female profiles that they are responsible for creating.

Another paragragh on the front page says the following: "I acknowledge that the Website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the Website that may communicate with me for promotional and other purposes." They want you to understand and acknowledge that the website has fake profiles that they are responsible for creating. These fake profiles will communicate with you via email and instant message to mislead you to believe you are chatting with real females when the truth is they are phony dating profiles created by the site itself.

"The site contains fictive profiles and are marked with a heart icon and are for entertainment purposes only. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible." These two sentences are found on the lower part of every single page on Mature Flirts. Once again they are admitting to creating fictitious dating profiles and they're openly stating that you cannot physically meet up with these imaginary profiles.

On the terms and conditions page of MatureFlirts they state that "the website, service and content are being provided for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be used for establishing meetings with other users." Once again this is just more evidence showing you that you cannot meet any real local women on this website. They openly admit that their website is not intended to be used for establishing real life encounters with other members. That's because there are no real female members on the website, they are all fictitious and have been purposely created by the website's owners to deceive and manipulate men into spending money on this fake dating service.

In another section of the terms and conditions page they state that Midsummer online B.V (the corporation that owns and operates "explicitly reserves the right to send calls on through self-created profiles. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical agreements are possible." Once again they're openly admitting that they are creating profiles on their own website and they admit that these are phony dating profiles and you cannot meet them in person.

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