Review Has SHOCKING Proof It’s All A Scam

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This video review is about a site called This site is a scam, it is not a legitimate hookup website. You cannot meet any real women on their site, and they actually tell you that on the front page. The text on the site says the following: "the purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and contains fictitious profiles, physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles." Fictitious means it means fake aka imaginary, make-believepretend etc. They are admitting that the whole purpose of FlirtsNearby is to "enable chat messages between fictive (not genuine) profiles and the website contains fake profiles and actually meeting with these fake profiles is not possible."

They even admit that their website includes "fantasy profiles". When something is a fantasy it means is not real. The artificial profiles are created and operated by the website and they state that these bogus females "may communicate with you for promotional or other purposes". The fake "fictive profiles are marked with a heart icon" so you can identify them.

They then state that the site is for "entertainment purposes only and physical contact with these profiles is not possible. We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions." You cannot physical meet up with any women from the site because of course they aren't real members of Flirts Nearby Then they go onto say that "this platform is for users to chat with fictitious profiles, it is not intended to be used for establishing meetings with other users profiles".

Next they state that they "have the right to send calls through self-created profiles".That means these are profiles they created themselves, and they created those phony feamle profile pages to send you bogus emails, computer generated instant messages etc to you. All in all isn't real at all. It is suggested you look elsewhere to search for real local women.

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