Is A Scam? Watch This Review 👉

👉 My recommended site: Is A Scam? Watch This Review

If you want to know if is legitimate or a fraud then watch this video. This review will explain in detail how the scams work and how they rip people off. Watch this video review now to see the truth about this fraud that I have exposed.


  1. Please Note: If I could have I would have given this dive -10, I gladly would have. The cost of Credits is out of this world! Every message even to the same person you already paid costs you yet another credit. Many there say they want to meet and not chat. BULL SHIT! Chat is all they do apparently. Many women are gorgeous, others not so much. And whoever is charge of the site keeps rewriting you personal profile AND they have no concept as what is free speech. Much like Twitter, Google, facebook, Instagram etc.Women at first seem eager to get a resonc=se from you but when asked to meet, for contact info etc. is when everything dries up and or course you are now that much poorer!

    In less than 48 hours I was contacted by more than 200 women and not a single one turned out to be and good.


    My advice, unless you have money to burn stay the hell away from this site.

    1. 100%! is total BS. The site has been created for only one reason to dupe men into pulling out their credit card.

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