Hookup4Locals.com Review Shows It RediRects To A Scam Called FuntasticFlirts.com

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Hookup4Locals.com isn't a legitimate dating service and in fact it promotes other fake casual dating services. As we were creating our account for this investigation we need to agree to the terms and conditions and we need to understand that this is a "chat service containing fictional profiles and is meant to exchange messages and not for making physical dates." This is found directly on the homepage of Hookup4Locals when you create your account. The website is openly admitting that this is a "chat service", not a dating site. This website was created strictly to send messages back and forth between you and fake dating profiles. This website contains fictitious female profiles that are used to lure people into spending money on the website. We explain all of this further in this investigation below.

Redirected To Another Faux Dating Service Called FuntasticFlirts.com

After we create our account on Hookup4Locals.com we were then redirected to another website called FuntasticFlirts.com where we were asked to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire is all a gimmick to make it seem like you must answer these questions properly in order to gain access to whatever dating site they are promoting. All it is is marketing gimmick to get you excited when they state that "you have been selected" to join their website. To be clear everyone is selected to join FuntasticFlirts. This is because at the end of the day they want you to join the website because they want you to spend money on their fake dating website. Do not fall for their gimmicks. We had to create another account on Funtastic Flirts, from there they wanted us to agree to the use of fictitious profiles on that website as well.

FuntasticFlirts.com Is A Total Fraud

Funtastic Flirts is a total fraud. From fictitious female profile to automated computer bots sending people fake messages nothing is real on this website whatsoever! Immediately after creating our account on this website we logged into the members area and we already had three messages waiting for us. This is a huge red flag. This website is in fact a scam. The reason they send people messages is because they want you to upgrade. Understand that the messages we are receiving appear to be coming from local women who want to have casual hookups with us. But all of it is a fraud. There are no women sending us messages. But if you want to respond to the messages that you think are real you must pay. This is the scam.

Bottom Of Every Page It Says The Following

On the bottom of every single page it says this website FuntasticFlirts works with fake profiles and it's not the intention of the website for you to meet any of the profiles in person for real life physical encounters. You can see the sentence below.

"This Website is a 18+ Chat Service, this Website offers a chat service with the aim of exchanging (erotic) chat messages for a fee per message. This website works with fictitious profiles and is not intended for realizing physical agreements"

Terms Page Proves Even More So It's All Fake

On the terms page of the website they admit that their whole platform is for you to chat with fake dating profiles. They say the website is "for entertainment purposes". Just like you're entertained when you watch a movie or your entertained when you watch a football game. This website is not a legitimate website and they even admit this website is not to be used for establishing real life encounters with other users of the website. Then they mention that dating profiles that have a heart icon on them are fictitious profiles and you cannot physically meet up with these profiles. For the record every single dating profile we reviewed of women on the website was fake because it had a heart icon on it.

"The website has the goal of allowing users to flirt. The website is a platform for users to chat with fictitious profiles. The website, service and content are being provided for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be used for establishing meetings with other users. Profiles Mark with a heart icon are fictitious profiles with which physical contact is not possible."

They Admit To Creating Fake Dating Profiles

In another section of the terms page they state that "the company explicitly reserves the right to send messages on the website through self-created profiles. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical arrangements are possible." Once again they're admitting that they themselves are creating these fake profiles and confess that you cannot have a physical encounter or hook up with these fake dating profiles that they are responsible for fabricating!

Connected To Other Fake Hookup Sites

FuntasticFlirts.com is operated by White Castle Design BV and is connected to a bunch of fake dating site such as MapleFlirtBuddies.com, MysteriousLover.com,  SpicyDistrict.com,  FunSeduction.com, TeaseDistrict.com, MapleCuties.com,  MySecretHookUps.com,  MyDailyFling.com, MapleMilfs.com , FlirtDistrict.com,  MySecretTemptation.com,  MapleFlirts.com, and TeaseMyFling.com.

Contact Customer Support:

  1. You can contact SextingPartners support using their email address is [email protected].
  2. You can contact FuntasticFlirts support using their email address is [email protected].

Final Statement

There is no point creating an account on SextingPartners.com or on FuntasticFlirts.com. No good can come from it. This website is used to funnel you to a variety of different dating scams. In the end you will not get what you seek. If you are seeking real local women to hook up with for casual no-strings-attached fun you won't find it here.

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