Watch This Review (learn the truth now before you get scammed)

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 Watch This Review (learn the truth now before you get scammed)

I did a video that I recorded myself as I joined I recorded everything so you could see why the site is fake and a scam. This website is not even close to being real. Not only does it use artificial intelligence disguised as real profiles, they also send people computer-generated fake messages. Learn the truth, take a look at this review of Jucydate now.


  1. Yes it's all bots which is also linked to Cum2date and wethunt.  All the same girls(bots) saying all the same lines…one big scam all of them..go to those other 2 and it's the same exact thing…

  2. Well damn, fuckin lame. Ive never really dug into tinder like ever, im just tryna find a fuck buddy… I was stoked when some of the females seemed halfway real. 

  3. what I ment to say is im going to try tinder out fuck all these other sites, im not gonna pay for some fuck buddy site because I would feel like im paying for pussy and I have NEVER had problems with or paid for pussy in my life. 

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