Warning: This Review Explains That FuckALocal.com Has No Real Locals On It

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FuckALocal.com is no place to meet locals. This website is a scam. They openly admits that the website contains fictional profiles and FuckALocal.com is meant only to exchange messages with users, and the website is not for physical dates (meeting women in person). They actually say this on the front page of the website. They tell us that this website is not to have real life encounters with local women. Then what exactly is it for? And the answer is that this website is to scam you. The website has been created so the owners of FuckALocal make as much money as possible by deceiving and misleading men into using their bogus dating service.

FuckALocal.com redirected us to another website called TurnOnChats.com. They wanted us to create an account on TurnOnChats.com which we did. Then they wanted us to understand and agree to the use of fictitious profile. So once again you're dealing with the same garbage over and over again. Fake profiles on all of these different dating services.

There is absolutely no way you can meet real local women on the website. These phony hookup sites are not designed for you to meet women in person. The whole idea behind these bogus sites is to get you to spend as much time as possible, and as much money as possible on their website. It's in their best interest to keep you focussed on using their website.

Terms Page Has Evidence The Site Is A Scam

On their own terms and conditions page they state the website is a platform for users to chat with fictitious profiles. They admit that the website is not intended to be used to establish meetings with other users. Profiles marked with a heart icon are fictitious profiles with which physical contact is not possible.

This means that the website was not created to bring real people together. The site wasn't built for you to find real women for hookups, one night stands or to date them. They also admit that they are responsible for creating who knows how many fictitious profiles on their own website.

Final Statement

You have a better chance of meeting women in a graveyard. If you have any experience with FuckALocal.com leave your comments below to help others. From all the information we've gathered using this website is pointless and will result in wasting large amounts of your hard-earned money and getting no real return for that. This site is part of a larger network of fake dating services that is plaguing the online dating world. By flooding the market with fake dating services they are ruining what used to be a valid and great way to meet people.

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