Unitedflirtingstates.com Is A Scam This Review Shows You All The Proof

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Unitedflirtingstates.com is a fake dating service. The website is a well-orchestrated fraud. It is a deceptive website camouflaged to look like a legitimate dating service which it is not. Unitedflirtingstates creates fake female profiles that are used to lure unsuspecting male members into upgrading to a monthly membership. They dupe guys into upgrading so they can interact with the fake female profiles that male members think are real local women looking for hookups. This site is a fraud from beginning to finish.

UnitedFlirtingStates.com admits to using fantasy fictitious profiles. They also admit that individuals appearing photo photos on the landing pages or profiles are not actual members of the website. This information was found directly on the homepage of the site.

They also state that the "service profiles are fictional and physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible." This tells you that the dating profiles are fake and you cannot have a physical meet up with these bogus women on the site. Even on the terms and conditions page admit to using fictitious profiles to stimulate interaction and conversations among users. This means that they're using fabricated dating profiles to trick you into conversing back and forth with these fake profiles that they have created. What happens then is that you need to purchase expensive credits that cost anywhere from $1 up to a dollar fifty per message. As you can assume the money you spend on these type of fake hookup sites is astronomical, (if you get sucked into believing you're actually chatting with real local women). The blunt truth is you're actually chatting to paid employees who are trained on how to lie to you and mislead you. They pretend to be the women in the profiles but in fact these paid employees often work in third world countries.

If you like wasting money chatting to non-existent women then go ahead and use United Flirting States. However if you want to meet real women then stay as far away as you can from this fictitious hook-up site.

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