Review Exposes This Credit Card Verification Fraud Wide Open

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The URL ( is a scam and AVG security software blocks dangerous websites such as Tonightsbang. I had to shut off the AVG software in order for me to do this review and investigation.

Tonights Bang is an age verification scam. They ask for your credit card information and they say it's to "verify your over the age of 18". All of this is bogus and a lie. The reason they want your credit card information is to charge your credit card. In this particular instance they end up charging your credit card $49.95 per month until you cancel it. You get charged to a website called premium VIP. Do not fall for this scam. If you already gave these crooks your credit card information I will explain how to contact these scammers. Below I have included their phone number, their address, and also their customer support number so you can cancel this fraud immediately.

** This charge will appear on your cardholder statement as UNCENSM.COM 844-993-0273 CA Lakewood Shores Inc. 1640 N Hobart Blvd, #20, Los Angeles, CA, 90027, USA. Contact their customer support.

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