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This review is on a dating site called The reason I did this video is to expose this website for being fictitious and a fraud. This is not any kind of legit hookup website, and it can be easily proven.

LocalFlirt looks like a regular dating site and if you didn't know any better you would think it's actually a site where you can meet women in person. But they consider their site an "online flirting website" meaning you can only flirt with people online. If you can read between the lines it means you cannot meet these women in person because of course these profiles are not created by the women in the pictures. This website site full of fake profiles. The photos are taken from other websites and then employees who work on behalf of Local Flirt create fictitious dating profiles. The end result is this website has thousands of women who look as if they joined the website. The reality is that none of the women are local, and all the profiles have been fabricated to trick you.

The craziest part about this is they also use automated computer bots to send men who join the site phony messages. I've already gotten three messages and I just joined the website a couple of minutes ago. There's not too much good to say about this website. This site has been created to scam you, if you need to reply or want to reply to messages  you have to pay a fee that's how the scam works.

On top of that you need to ask yourself why is it that I am receiving any messages in the first place.  I haven't uploaded a photograph of myself and I haven't filled out any of the personal information but that didn't stop 4 different women from contacting me within a few short minutes of joining the website. All in all this screams scam in every direction so the smartest thing you can do is run as far away as you can from This is not a legitimate website, the site is a complete farce, it's a hoax, it's a con.


  1. You spend money on this website and you don't get any responses and they keep sending fake correspondence..On average a person gets scammed of at least $50..l spent about $25 ..and have stopped..No response from the 15 to 20 people supposed to be on line who supposed to have contacted me..

    1. I been on localflirts for 3 weeks. Women who I thought were real are non existent. I spent $2,000.00 on credits to answer their horny ,they all live in my town invite me over asap then they delay by wanting to get to know you. They are fake like mangement. I could only hope that Google shuts them down & returns my hard earned money for I have cancer which I didn't mention and $ is hard to come by. Please someone shut them down. If anything if they were true their sluts but it's all s fake . Do not go there gentlemen . 

  2. Absolutely true – it's a big scam! I "met" a very attractive woman who sounded really hot, ready to get it on! But she was determined to get me to chat back and forth to "get to know each other" first. Of course, that meant more coins/credits, etc. And after a bit, I asked her where she lived. She told me she lived in a nearby neighborhood (after I asked 3 or 4 times). So I asked her about a big store in that area – you'd have to pass it every day if you lived there. She said she thought she "might have heard of it". That would be like living in San Francisco and "think you might have heard of" the Golden Gate bridge! Clearly bullshit!


    1. Post them on anonymous billboard sites for anonymous to destroy them and track their finances by where their money is banked and shut em down. And have their addresses leaked to local mob and mc types who didn't know they were operating on their turf and i bet what the cops couldn't do gets done

  3. Two different "women" on here gave me the exact same response, word for word. If they are not actual people digging into a hat for responses, then this has to be A.I. bullshit.

  4. I found 2 people  I know  on this site who profile was stolen from  Instagram they have notified this site also I canceled my account 2 months ago and they said I used my credits after I called and  emailed  2 months ago 

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