Caught Scamming People – This Simpleflirts Review Shows Why It’s All FAKE πŸ‘‰πŸ’‹

My recommended site: Caught Scamming People – This Simpleflirts Review Shows Why It's All FAKE

Learn why Simple Flirts isn't a legitimate dating site. My video  shows you with proof why this site is a scam and not a real site to meet people. might look like a "normal dating site" but the reality is that it is a scam and not real at all. This website deploys automated artificial intelligence chatbots that are disguised to look like real women are messaging you seeking casual hookups. All of this is part of the scam to get into your pocket and make money.


  1. Once I read the fine print and read that a heart symbol to the left of their user name meant this is not a real person. After 4 hrs of looking I did not find one real female profile!! Don't waste your money!

  2. This is a complete SCAM site using hook ups lines and any other fake dating ploy employing computer robots NO real women don't waste your time and money these sites should be shut down for using deceptive  practices on the  public 

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