Review: Has Nothing To Do With Dating, It’s A Scam

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DirtyDating is yet another dating site. This website once you create a free account on it ends up redirecting you to another website called Iflirts is a website that admits to having virtual profiles on their website. This means that they are admitting they have fake dating profiles on their site. There are so many fake dating sites it's unfathomable, in the thousands easily. And you can just add Dirty Dating to the list of websites not to trust. They're used to funnel people from DirtyDating to other websites, the number one website being I Flirts. Unless you like talking to fake women and unless you like receiving fake emails from non-existent women I strongly suggest not using any of the websites associated with They are all scams in the end.

Please take the time to watch the video review that I did. It shows you everything that you need to know about why this website is a scam. It's very important you watch it. Please share this information so other people know it's a con!

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