Is A Full Fraud & I Prove It All In This Shocking Review

⭐⭐⭐ My recommended site: Is A Complete Scam & I Prove Why It's A Scam In This Video:

I've been doing dating reviews for over 10 years and in that time frame nothing has changed. All that ever happens is more and more websites get turned out to scam people. All these websites including use the same tactics, artificial intelligence bots, fictitious female dating profiles all used in an effort to trick you into giving them your credit card information. Orgassme is not a legit hookup site at all! This website was created for one reason and that is to scam you.  It has been created to steal as much money from you as possible before you figure it out and cancel your membership!


  1. The site sucked me right in everyday there's a woman saying oh yeah I'll come over I'll be over tonight or I'll be over tomorrow morning last night she said she's going to be here in the morning and then I checked her phone number and area code was for Florida nice oh well can't cry over spelled milk

  2. My husband is on your site and he must be removed from your site now and I have seen a lot of bots and I want to report this and I'm going to fight for my husband to be removed from your site and I'm reporting this and your company

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